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Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Purely synthetic brushes do not require any breaking-in period, dry quickly and tend to be very soft feeling. For those who do not wish to use an animal products, this is an ideal option. Many brushes in this category are colored to resemble badger hair.

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Synthetic Shaving Brushes Reviews
Intro to shaving kit
West Coast Shaving Lantern Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Black My only complaint is that I ordered the black boar hair brush but got the white one.
Amazing brush for sensitive skin.
Omega 0146745 HI-BRUSH Synthetic Shaving Brush This brush is amazing for how inexpensive it was. I was a sucker and bought the overpriced brush from Art of Shaving at $150. This lathers faster and produced a much better lather (using Castle Forbes and Mitchel's Wool Fat). A great thing to consider if you have sensitive skin and are allergic to animals. I broke out in a rash each time i used the badger brush with every type of cream and soap.
Very Nice Indeed
West Coast Shaving Torch Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Tortoise The head is soft and plump, with enough backbone to help you whip up a good lather. The faux tortoise handle is old school attractive and fits nicely in the hand. If you want a nice, good looking cruelty-free brush at an attractive price point, this is the one you want, gentlemen. Another winner from WCS proprietary branded items.
Synthetic wonderfulness
West Coast Shaving Beacon Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Ivory This brush is unbelievably soft. It produces a great lather and has good control for application. I'm hoping this brush lasts a good, long time.
Synthetic Hi-Brush
I bought this brush because it was viually what I felt was a modern-day version of a timeless classic. I was not disappointed. It put lather together quite nicely and the handle is perfect for my midsize mitts. My first synthetic but not my ladt. Thanks.
Mistake on Price
The Omega S brush is WAYYYYY underpriced!! I purchased this as a travel brush, being synthetic, I thought it would dry quickly and the price was very low, so why not? The performance was fantastic! Soft but firm bristles, no loss of bristles with use, it is everything you would want in a brush. The only feature which caused a problem was the diameter of the handle is so substantial, it does not fit into my travel brush tube, so take that into consideration.
Omega S-Brush Model S10077, Blue & Black "Holds creme or soap well. Very pliable and easy to use. Worth the money easily.
West coast shaving brush

A very good brush great lathering I really enjoy using it.

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