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Taylor of Old Bond St Aftershaves & Colognes

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Taylor of Old Bond St Aftershaves & Colognes Reviews
Taylor of Old Bond Street #74 Victorian Lime Fragrance
Taylor of Old Bond Street No 74 Victorian Lime Fragrance "At first was overwhelmed by this scent ,it's a bit stronger than after-shave, but have come to enjoy it's long lasting fragrance: it's lime forward and all the other notes are so complex and well blended my nose can't distinguish them but the effect is intoxicating. I see wearing it on a summer's day or in the evening.
Taylor of Old Bond Street #74 Victorian Lime Fragrance
Taylor of Old Bond Street No 74 Victorian Lime Fragrance "At first didn't like this scent; thought it was too cloying. Now I enjoy it's subtle lime / musk notes. Not for every day ( too heavy for the office) but great now and then for something different.
Nice sent
Taylor Of Old Bond Street Mr Taylor Cologne "I stumbled across Mr. Taylors when looking to buy TOBS Sandalwood. As it turns out, I like the scent of TOBS’s Mr. Taylor far more than the Sandalwood. It has a classical, indescribably complex smell. My wife loves it and asks me to us it.
simply outstanding
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn St Collection Aftershave Lotion "Another winner from TOBS. I used this for the first time today and I think this is easily one of my favorites.

Like all TOBS products, the performance is great:

great aftershave feel

great scent and great longevity

fairly priced

i honestly was surprised how strong it went on and how long it lingered. I prefer this, so that is a huge plus for me. I mostly surprised since it isn't alcohol based so I guess I assumed it be like a lot of balms I've used where it fades relatively quickly.

Ironically, I had more of a sting from this than my alcohol based TOBS. That's fine with me, but a fair warning if you don't want a sting after you shave, although that may just be my experience with it.

The only con for me is the atomizer. I don't like that and prefer the ole pour through a flow restrictor experience. I may cut the atomizer out and place a makeshift flow restrictor. But, that's just preference and it doesn't take away from the quality of this product.

5 stars hands down.
Best ever for me.
A very unique scent at a great price
Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn St Collection Cologne, 100ml "I picked this fine TOBS product at the show room in Chino CA over a year ago; to be fair I give all products I review a year. Unless I use them excessively. To begin, the TOBS St. Jerymn cologne is better suited as an aftershave because of it's ingredients. Don't get me wrong, you can use it as a cologne and it will function well. However, it is by far the most overlooked aftershave and the very fact that it can double as an aftershave speaks volumes to the quality of it's ingredients used by TOBS. To start, I only used two pumps on my face and rubbed it on the parts of my face I had shaved. True to the description the geranium gives it an initial crisp aroma, followed by a combination of the amber and neroli. As the hours wear on, the base notes remain prominently. I'm sure it varies per each individual's skin, but the vanilla is what lingers most on me. For others I'm sure it's the patchouli or musk. Just two pumps keeps me fresh from 4 am right up until noon. Real quick side note, on my skin the geranium does give my face a healthy glow for the entire day. Yet again, further evidence that TOBS uses high quality essential oils that have health benefits to your skin, I'm sure the geranium repairs my skin for the days my face did not take a feather blade very well.

As for the value, go ahead and check out the prices for a D.R. Harris cologne or even a Penhaligon's. Both are fabled English perfumers, with the latter having actual royal warrants. The D.R. Harris Arlington Cologne 50 mL bottle, is just over $40. As for the Penhaligon's, you'll be forking over $90 plus for a 50mL bottle of Sartorial or English Fern. Also, note, both of those are HALF the bottle size of the TOBS and most skins do not react well to Penhaligon's when used as an aftershave.

I did not go 5 stars on this one, only because the vanilla is what sticks to my skin the most. My wife absolutely loves that but me, not so much. Once again I stress that the base note that stays the longest on your skin will depend on YOUR skin. Either way, this is a great product for all gentlemen, especially those with sensitive skin and those that have to spend wisely. This product is twice the volume of it's competitors and does more for your skin than their product. It also offers a scent that is only rivaled by the sandalwood & bergamot produced by St. James of London, but is yet again, twice the volume of it's competitor at St. James (sorry Todd).
The scent is great and
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Cologne "The scent is great and lasts all day. A small amount goes a very long way.
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