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Check out our large variety of solutions to fix you up when your razor slips and you end up with some damage. (It sure beats bits of t.p. stuck to your chin.)

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Let's be real for a minute. When you are shaving with a safety razor or a straight razor, or even a cartridge, we all cut ourselves from time to time. It's okay - it doesn't make you any less of a man. When it happens though, it is best to be prepared to take care of the nicks right away. Styptic pencils are perfect for large nicks and cuts to stop the bleeding quickly, whereas alum blocks are great for smaller nicks and razor burn. We would highly suggest adding one or both of these products to your cart. At some point you will be glad you did!

Nick Relief Reviews
Great value
Bloc Osma Alum Block This stuff is great. I have always had a lot of trouble with nicks and cuts, but this stuff takes care of all of it.
Perfect Finish
RazoRock Alum Stick My first experience with this and it's a good one.I'm a 'firm' believer in finishing with it from now on as needed. Thanks
As good as any RazoRock
WCS Basics Alum Aftershave BarBigger is Better in my opinion. This was bigger and cheaper than Razorock. It works just a great too.
Fine product
RazoRock Alum StickI purchased this stick to use as a natural deodorant / antiperspirant. The stick is a perfect size and has been working great for me. I had tried using my alum block, but the "stick" is much easier to use.
Works well
Pacific Shaving Nick Stick.Stops bleeding well. Not as much sting as Alum. Place some on your finger and then on your face. Works just as well as roll on and does not get the applicator bloody.. The last two I bought at a retail store leaked in the package, but not enough to loose enough to return. Don't store them laying flat if it has leaked.
The Bloc I wouldn't be
Bloc Osma Alum Block.The Bloc I wouldn't be with out. It makes your face feel wonderful after your shave
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