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Nick Relief

Check out our large variety of solutions to fix you up when your razor slips and you end up with some damage. (It sure beats bits of t.p. stuck to your chin.)

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Let's be real for a minute. When you are shaving with a safety razor or a straight razor, or even a cartridge, we all cut ourselves from time to time. It's okay - it doesn't make you any less of a man. When it happens though, it is best to be prepared to take care of the nicks right away. Styptic pencils are perfect for large nicks and cuts to stop the bleeding quickly, whereas alum blocks are great for smaller nicks and razor burn. We would highly suggest adding one or both of these products to your cart. At some point you will be glad you did!

Nick Relief Reviews
Great Alum Block
I have tried a couple alum blocks. First was a cheaper one that broke into pieces rather easily. The Osma block has stayed in one piece. Even after dropping a couple times, only small pieces chipped off. What I love about a good alum block is the instant feedback on the irritation suffered during a shave. If it burns a lot, it wasn't such a smooth shave. Plus, the block helps with minor cuts. I rarely need anything more than an alum block to stop any bleeding. This is a great alum block!
You don’t always need it, but when you do...
The product has been sitting in my medicine cabinet for when I will need. It is one f those things, that hopefully you don’t need much, but you better have it when you do. So, when I had another order, I just added one on, not expensive, so no big deal. Good quality Styptic pencil.
Stop bleeding in a second
Proraso Styptic Gel, 10ml "This product works very well! Apply a post shave balm after using as it leaves white residue.
WCS Alum stick
WCS Basics Alum Stick "The alum is the same as others, but placing it in a deodorant style stick makes it much more convenient and easier to apply than the traditional bloc. The WCS brand gives you a bigger quantity, easier application and lower price. Can't beat it!!!
Alum Bloc
Bloc Osma Alum Block "Good product. Very satisfied. Don't drop it though ... it'll shatter.
It does what it is
Osma Styptic Pencil, Hemo Stop "It does what it is supposed to do. I needed a smaller stick for travel so this fit the bill.
Alum bar
WCS Basics Alum Aftershave Bar "Great to use to seal NICs on my face leaves my skin feeling great
Works great!
Proraso Styptic Gel, 10ml "Nice addtion to my repertoire. Seals up nicks and cuts nicely. Residue easy to clean off.
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