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Nick Relief

Check out our large variety of solutions to fix you up when your razor slips and you end up with some damage. (It sure beats bits of t.p. stuck to your chin.)

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Let's be real for a minute. When you are shaving with a safety razor or a straight razor, or even a cartridge, we all cut ourselves from time to time. It's okay - it doesn't make you any less of a man. When it happens though, it is best to be prepared to take care of the nicks right away. Styptic pencils are perfect for large nicks and cuts to stop the bleeding quickly, whereas alum blocks are great for smaller nicks and razor burn. We would highly suggest adding one or both of these products to your cart. At some point you will be glad you did!

Nick Relief Reviews
Great product
Omega Alum Stick I've used styptic pencils all my life, but have been wanting to try an alum block. I thought this one was a good try because of the size, shape, and packaging. It works great, and I'm loving the holder with screw on lid. Perfect shape for following the curve of your face, or even applying to underarms if you want, but I've yet to try it as a deodorant; I use coconut oil for that. Very pleased with this product from Omega, whose shaving cream I'm still itching to try.
Great syptic
Pinaud Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil Works great value for the money will buy again if I never too I this one will last me a long time
Great stick
WCS Basics Alum Stick Easy to use works great. I think it's best value for the money from WCS.
Bloc Osma Alum Block "It's a block of alum - not really sure what else needs to be said! ; )

Works great, and the wide flat surface glides across my face smoothly. Nice upgrade from a styptic pencil.
Does the Job
Osma Styptic Pencil, Hemo Stop
Osma Styptic Pencil, Hemo Stop "Recently purchased this product along with other Pinaud Clubman Products. Just yesterday I recently nick myself shaving (in a hurry) and used the Osma. It did the job it was suppose to do. I would buy this product again. Brad Jordan
WCS Alum Block
WCS Basics Alum Aftershave Bar "The WCS Alum Block is a fantastic product. I'm new to wet shaving and using DE safety razors so I tend to nick myself regularly. I also have quite a bit of irritation after shaving. But using the WCS Alum Block helps tremendously. It stops the bleeding and takes care of all irritation. I'm sold on this product forever. Give it a try. You won't be dissatisfied...
Great Find
Pinaud Clubman Nick Safe Styptic Powder "Finally found a styptic powder, I do not like the pencil type, the powder is dry and immediately stops any bleeding. This really works, put the powder on the tip of your finger or a tissue and touch it to the nick, done. I wipe the area just before applying the powder, any excess can be dusted off so you only have the spot.
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