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Great brush, especially for the price.
This WCS Brush performs very well. And the price is great!
Massive and Nice
Comparing this to the best seller here on this site from Omega it is a quality product hands down. The handle is nice and big and the hair is just the right length. The only down side of this brush is the color. It is not great ,but is definitely unique and it only comes in the one color. This is a bold move by WCS because it's not a standard color scheme and is very off putting if you are try to keep a certain look through your shaving essentials, on top of it is in the line up of first brushes they have released. In the future I would love to see other color options or even limited time color options that really stand out on a fantastic brush. Most of us end up collecting brushes and specific razors anyways...its hard to have just one awesome thing.
Trust Me On This, Very Good Brush
This is my first review on West Coast Shaving though I'm a long time customer. Trust me on this. This is a very good brush for the money.

I'm an old guy. I've been shaving a long time. I have used boar brushes, I like badger, I have some silvertip brushes, but for some reason I reach for pure badger most of the time. If you are the same, I think you will like this brush. The handle fits the hand well, easy to hold and comfortable, and "loaded" with badger hair is an apt description.

Simply put, you will be paying for brush, and it's an excellent brush for the money.
It's alum, It works
WCS Basics Alum Aftershave Bar "It's hard to go wrong with an Alum block. I usually use the OSMA brand but these were free with a certain purchase level and came with a plastic case which OSMA does not. I've still not received an answer as to whether or not they are a solid block or compressed fragments, BUT, the block is smooth and works well. I have 3 of them and have given 2 away to friends. All three of us have been pleased so far with their effectiveness as well as their durability.

An Alum block is not something you need too often unless you drop it. (it will shatter) You let it remain wet. (it dissolves) so leave the plastic box open after drying the wet side off on tissue or your flank.. It crumbles, cheaper blocks may start to crumble especially on the ends where your fingers hold it.

This block has held up fine for the 3 of us for several months. It is a standard part of my routine. Wipe of the extra soap with a Cottonelle wet-wipe, Cold water rinse, alum block rub on my wet face, let it sit until I clean my brush, bowl and razor, then 2nd cold rinse and apply after shave. As mentioned above, I only close the plastic case when I'm traveling so as to always let the block completely dry. Also NEVER let the block rest on iron or steel the reaction is corrosive.

Alum block
WCS Basics Alum Aftershave Bar "During our deployment to the Republic of Georgia I've turned most of the Marines on to WCS. Everyone is extremely happy with all of the products and the timely manner in which it has shipped and arrived. My first time using alum was here and I'll for sure continue using it. We all have agreed that the block is the way to go.
Love this alum block
WCS Basics Alum Aftershave Bar "Great alum block with a storage case. It does a great job providing instant feedback of any irritation from your shave. Be careful as it can slip out of your hand while wet. I did drop mine but thankfully only chipped a corner. It should last for years if taken care of.
Does what it's supposed to
Twist-up Shaving Stick Containers, 2 oz "Works just like it's supposed to at a great price. I melted Down a chunk of my col. Conk lime soap (went with the cheap stuff incase it leaked) and works great. Will be perfect when I'm Traveling or just don't feel like dealing with a bowl
Turn nearly any soap into a shave stick
Twist-up Shaving Stick Containers, .75 oz "The use of a shave stick and face lathering is my favorite way to shave. With this twist container, I need not be limited to using this method by the very few companies that produce ready-made sticks. I have yet to find a shave soap which does not work as a shave stick with the use of these twist-up containers. For italian style soaps, "croaps" or artisan efforts (another reviewer mentions the fabulous Stirling soaps), the conversion could not be easier. You can easily work the soft and sticky soap into the container (the use of a butter knife helps). Once in the tube, allow the top surface to dry out a bit for a few hours before putting the lid on. Then, as long as you don't use too much pressure, the application of stick to face for lathering could not be easier. For harder soaps, the best method I've found is the use of a sharp utility knife. Rather than trying to melt the soap, slice thin layers off of the puck and push them down into the twist tube. Once the tube is filled to the top and firmly pressed down, you're ready to go. The first few face lathers will smooth out any unevenness in your newly created soap stick. For fans of the face lather, this tool is pretty handy. I currently use 12 different soaps this way in rotation.
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