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Classic Safety Razor Collection by WCS

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Classic Safety Razor Collection by WCS Reviews
West Coast Shaving 175S
West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 175S, Stainless Steel, Open Comb The West Coast Shaving Classic Collection 175S Stainless Steel Double Edged Safety Razor is a beautiful and extremely functional work of art. The handle itself is a brushed/matte stainless steel monster of an instrument. The heft of the handle itself negates putting any pressure on the head and blade itself when making your passes while squaring away your mug or head. I highly recommend this safety razor to anyone who is a beginner, to the expert and collector who would like to add this fine instrument of shaving brilliance to their repertoire. It's no wonder that this safety razor is one of the 3 best selling safety razors in West Coast Shaving's many different varieties. This one to me is the absolute best. One thing that I would like to see and have is the 2-piece head to be full stainless steel just like the handle and with the same gorgeous matte finish. Please West Coast Shaving make one ASAP so I can put it on my stunning 175S handle! It makes perfect sense to do so and I'll buy one as soon as you make it available!

Thanks for a quality product!

Chuck McCall.
Great razor head. More aggressive
Great razor head. More aggressive than closed comb. Great finish and machining. Very happy with this purchase.
First Open Comb Safety
Ok, so this is my first try with an open comb safety. I've been wet shaving for about 3 months now, kind of started in reverse order. First used a Feather Artist Club SS, then a full hollow straight, a quarter hollow straight, a closed comb safety, and now this. Tried it out just now with the most mild blade I have (Lord), and it feels very close to the full hollow straight. Getting used to the thinness of the edge and the slight flex is a learning curve, but don't rush and resist the urge to apply pressure and all will be good. I got the cleanest shave this side of using a straight. Heavy, thick handle was easy to keep a grip and felt sure in my hand. After the shave, I set the razor down and accidentally brushed the back of my finger against the edge and got a nice reminder underneath a band-aid: this is no toy and will command my respect. Lesson learned but I can look forward to some really quality shaves.
Love this razor. The heft does the work for you. Wish I had bought this years sooner.
Squidward Tentacles
I HATE Vacuum cleaners but LOVE this product! 10/10!
Great shaver
At first I thought it was a touch too heavy, but, as I have used the razor and grown accustomed to the weight it is almost perfect. Not bad for a first open comb.

Open comb
West Coast Shaving DE Razor Head, Open Comb, Chrome "Excellent product, after two weeks I can say it was an excellent purchase. I now get such a good shave that I only need to shave every other day. I also have a heavy beard but it take two days to return. Thanks for the great product. Ted
Excellent handle for my Muhle R41!
West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Stainless Steel Razor Handle 78S "I walked into the WCS store in Chino today with the sole purpose of looking at stainless handles they currently had in stock. For comparison purposes, this stainless handle is a bit longer than the standard one that comes on the Muhle R41. It's much much heavier and has awesome knurling. I bought it and just tried it out. It was the best $17.00 upgrade to a perfect razor, that I ever made! This is a quality stainless handle. It feels hefty and the balance in the hand with the R41 on top is perfect. I couldn't be happier. For what it's worth, I also tried the handle on my Feather AS-D2, Merkur 1904 OC and my Phoenix Artisan Accoutrimets DOC, just to see if it would fit. The handle fits them all just fine, but it's staying put on the R41. I'll buy more of these handles for the other razors if I so desire in the future. This handle although a little longer, looks to be nearly identical in craftsmanship to my factory stainless Feather handle on my AS-D2. The feel is great and it will NOT slip out of your hands with wet soapy shave foam all over them. The factory handle on the Muhle R41 is just way too light for that aggressive razor, as well as way too slippery with soapy hands. This West Coast handle is exactly what the doctor ordered! Trust me, it is NOT a cheaply made tool here. Rather it is every bit a precision crafted and balanced handle like the more expensive ones I've seen for $40 on up. Again, I compare it to the quality of the Feather razor handle which is a $200 razor all in all. Great job west coast shaving on a really nice product! I should have bought this months ago when I got my Muhle! I'd recommend this handle to all of my traditional wet shave buddies.
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