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Classic Safety Razor Collection by WCS Reviews
West Coast Stainless Steel barberpole.
I recently purchased this razor handle along with the closed comb head, and it is smooth. The weight is just heavy enough to allow easy gliding across your whiskers, but not too heavy, where it becomes a chore to hold. The fit of the blade in the head is spot on. I also ordered the same razor in matte black midnight, with the open comb, equally fantastic razor and head. Outstanding value, and quality from West Coast Shaving. Living so close to your store is both a blessing and curse, just ask my wife......
beautiful razor at an incredible price
West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 84S, Stainless Steel I should start off by saying I'm total fanboy of WCS (at 64). While I occasionally buy from other sources, WCS is where I come first. The new line of the "classic collection" is the most incredible value I've seen in my wet shaving life of 40+ years. I bought a Icon Bulldog handle for my DE89 a couple of years ago and paid roughly double what WCS is asking for a complete razor. I just got the 84S handle and head and the machining is impeccable. The knurling is crisp and the smooth surfaces well polished. For $22, there is simply nothing I've found on the market that is better. For reference, I own EJ, Merkur and Mulhe DE razors as well, so my comparison is not without reference. Thank you WCS for your contribution to the wet shave community!
Perfect Fit
West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 175S, Stainless Steel This is the razor that I have been looking for a long while. I have large hands and and the larger diameter, weight and length make this a perfect fit. The quality is equal to or better than my other razors and this has become my favorite. I couldn't be more pleased.
Heavy & Smooth
West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 175S, Stainless Steel I got the closed comb and let me tell you - this thing is seriously heavy! But don't let the weight discourage you, the razor does the work all by itself making the shave a breeze. $22 is a steal - just buy it!
Great Razor
West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 78S, Stainless Steel If you are reluctant to try this razor don't be. I bought this with an open comb and have gotten the best shaves of my life. I've been using red personna blades and my head is silky smooth
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