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DE Sampler pack Choice
All brands gave me a smooth, close shave. A good assortment.
Good for beginners
Artisan Shaving Cream Sample Pack It can be hard to decide on a few soaps to use. I'm fairly new to wet shaving. It's easy to get caught up in the consumerism of this "hobby" we have. Every soap maker has tons of different soaps and we want to smell them all and use them all. Buying packs like this is better in the long run than buying full tubs of soap you may or may not like. That being said I really like almost every scent that is in this one.
Nice variety
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Standard What you see is what you get. Not all of these razors are likely to work for everyone, but if what you are looking for is an opportunity to try a variety, go for this product.
Good Sampler
Sandalwood Shaving Cream Sample Pack This is great for someone new to wet shaving. It allows you to try several different types of shaving creams, with out having to spend $10-$15 for a full tub that you may or may not like. It has helped me to find a few creams, that I enjoy while also learning which ones to avoid.
You Made it Simple
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice Your sample pack had enough variety and made simple the very important task of finding the right blade match to beard and skin type. Astra for me. Thankyou...............Kevin A.
Excellent product
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