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West Coast Shaving Sample Packs

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West Coast Shaving Sample Packs Reviews
Awesome sample pack
This sample pack is the perfect way to try a variety of aftershaves. I have been wanting to try some of these aftershaves for a while now, but wasn't ready to make the investment and buy a bunch of whole bottles at once. With this sample pack, I get to try six different varieties for the price of one. I have to warn you though, this diverse bunch can make it difficult to pick a favorite!
Aftershave Best Sellers Sample Pack
Thank you for answering our request for this sample set of your top sellers, they are all very good, I see why they are your best sellers. Very nice to be able to try several without spending big bucks on only one type and hoping to not be disappointed.
Great Sample Selection
This is a great selection of very generous size samples of several great scents. I'm having a hard time choosing between them.
Geat way to try before you buy!
Best Sellers Aftershave "I love that WCS is putting together sample packs of soaps and aftershave. I have been wanting to try several of these, this way I can try six for the price of one. Can't go wrong
On the way to find the perfect blade for me
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything "Nice sample pack. Still working my way through it. Had a couple of decent ones a few duds. But this is what it's all about right. Definitely like dealing with west coast for sure.
Sample Soaps
Best Sellers Shaving Cream Sample Pack "Couldn't use all of them before this review but liked the one which i am using right now.....
fun way to start with a straight razor
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Standard "just working through these and this is a nice way to try blades. Good recommendation from the WCS team.
Try this
Executive Man Sample Pack "I was very pleased with this pack. I enjoyed testing different soaps and creams. Each shaver is different in his likes and dislikes, but I am confident you will find a soap/cream that you greatly enjoy in this pack - I did.
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