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West Coast Shaving Sample Packs

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West Coast Shaving Sample Packs Reviews
Good Choice.Little bonus.
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice "I can use all of these blades, though I don't love the Derbys. Note the description says 5 Personna Reds, but you get ten. A nice bonus. Same thing happens if you get the Lady Sample pack. I like all the blades in that one.
Reply to Nick P's review
Luxury Shaving Cream Sample Pack "Lol a 10 year "aficionado" would not only be able to differentiate between sample & stock, but would hopefully have the experience, common sense, purchase history, knowledge, & (possibly most important) the ability to attain information vital to what one would absolutely need prior to a proper critique. 2 stars & a poor review? A self proclaimed "aficianodo" would have astutely pointed out the size difference prior to ordering my friend!
Reply to Adam's review
Luxury Shaving Cream Sample Pack "I am confused about the review from Adam. Did he expect to receive the items in the first picture, over $200 in value for $24???
i bought this for my
Lady's Choice Sample Pack "i bought this for my wife and she is very pleased with the choices so far,
Good time shaving
Winter Sample Pack "This was the first shaving soaps that I ever bought and I have to say these are amazing. Each one has a different feel and consistency. Will repurchase these once I run out, maybe before.
Finding the right shave cream
Executive Man Sample Pack "The sample pack is a great way to try a number of different shave creams/soaps. I've been able to pick a couple favorites and rule out others. I found the sample sizes just fine - I got 4 shaves from each sample. Ultimately, I think this is a super value because it helped narrow my selection prior to a much longer term commitment.
Good stuff
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice "At $0.30 per blade this pack is a little on the pricey side for DE Blades. It is a decent way for new DE shavers to experiment with different blades out. I would recommend it.
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