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West Coast Shaving Shave Brushes

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West Coast Shaving Shave Brushes Reviews
Excellent Value
West Coast Shaving Lantern Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Black So far this brush has exceeded my expectations. I would prefer less conspicuous branding on the brush, other than that I am very happy with the quality. My L'Occitane Cade Rich Shaving Cream applies beautifully with this brush. Especially pleased that no animals need to be harmed to make it.
Excellent Brush
West Coast Shaving Beacon Black Synthetic Shaving Brush, Black I just purchased this brush and have used it only a few times but it was terrific from day one. My previous brush was animal hair and had to be broken in for several months, while this brush was perfect out of the box. It lathers up beautifully and is both soft on the face and stiff in the bowl, a perfect combination. Also, at least for the first several times, I have not noticed any bristles falling out. My previous brush shed bristles every time it was used. I will definitely purchase again.
Intro to shaving kit
West Coast Shaving Lantern Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Black My only complaint is that I ordered the black boar hair brush but got the white one.
Very Nice Indeed
West Coast Shaving Torch Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Tortoise The head is soft and plump, with enough backbone to help you whip up a good lather. The faux tortoise handle is old school attractive and fits nicely in the hand. If you want a nice, good looking cruelty-free brush at an attractive price point, this is the one you want, gentlemen. Another winner from WCS proprietary branded items.
Great shaving brush for price
West Coast Shaving Torch Shaving Brush, Pure Badger, Tortoise This brush is a great value for the money. It has become one of my favorites. Just proves you don't have to pay a lot to get a really great brush. Thanks West Coast Shaving.
Synthetic wonderfulness
West Coast Shaving Beacon Shaving Brush, Synthetic, Ivory This brush is unbelievably soft. It produces a great lather and has good control for application. I'm hoping this brush lasts a good, long time.
Great brush

This brush is very comparable to my Simpson Commodore. No funk, no shedding in a dozen uses, great flow-through right out of the box, Very comfortable in the hand. And, of course, the low price.

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