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West Coast Shaving Soaps

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West Coast Shaving Soaps Reviews
Wonderful Fragrance
For me personally, I love the fragrance of this soap. Performance wise, it gives a an incredibly close and smooth shave. It does make a nice lather but I was having to reload my shaving brush with soap for each subsequent pass. It was a super value because it was free with my purchase, but I do think I would order it again simply because of the fragrance.
WCS Citrus Basil Shaving Soap
I mistakenly noted that I had not received this yet, but I just clicked on the wrong thing. I did receive this, and I think it is a good product. It has a nice, if mild scent, and though it's a little thirsty, blooming it helps.
Super Easy Lather!
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Citrus Basil "I would call this an excellent beginners' product. It provides a very easy lather with very little work, and the performance is, in my humble opinion, about average, which is not a knock. I have chronic folliculitis, which makes my beard a very particular shave in order to be perfect. This product on the first run, and without having taken a shower first, performed beautifully overall.

I say it's about average, mostly because the soft soap market is heavily populated with high performers. And this one doesn't fall short.

Form: The puck size is just about perfect to fit into my Old Spice mug. I was pleased to see that. I wasn't able to push it all the way to the bottom, but I didn't plan it, I just noticed they were about the same diameter. All the same, the spines inside the mug do grab the puck and keep it from spinning.

Scent: The first thing I noticed after opening. The scent is accurate to its description, with distinct basil and citrus notes. I didn't smell much of anything else. However as others have noted, it's not a strong scent. I could just make out whiffs of it here and there as I face lathered. It smells pretty potent in the tin, but in lather form it dissipates quickly. This is pretty much par for the course with this type of soap.

Glide/Cushion/Protection: Razor glide was pretty good. Not outstanding, but good. Very good for soft soaps. Tallow soaps like MWF and Sterling are hard to touch for glide. Cushion was very good. I was out working in the yard all day yesterday taking care of my fruit trees and getting my planter beds ready for vegetables. The heat generally plays havoc on my neck where I'm most sensitive, giving me a rash. Today, I did not shower before shaving, but was able to shave without irritation or any sort of nicks. Very good protection performance.

Latherability: 10/10 here. I left my brush a little wetter than I usually do. I only squeezed it out, didn't shake the daylights out of it. That was almost a mistake. Lather immediately exploded off the puck. I had to remove a bit of the airier bubblier fluff in order to develop a denser lather. But the lather was pouring over the sides of the mug, and well loaded into the brush by the time I took it to my face. I added just a little more water, followed by a little more soap, and a little more water, and ended up with a brush still quite full of lather after three and a half passes. A++ Very little work = very much lather

Quality of Shave: Pretty darn good! It's not the smoothest shave I've had. But I'll caveat that by reiterating I didn't shower first, so my skin wasn't in the best possible shape for the shave. But on the fourth pass over my sensitive places, I was able to bring all the stubble down to skin-level without irritation, pain, or blood, which I can't do with just any soap.

Overall: I'd say if you're not a fan of tallow soaps, favoring products that are easier to work with (I was in that crowd for a long time), definitely give this a spin! It's perhaps a little pricier than comparable products, but you have account for the fact that the ingredient list is not perfect, but pretty good as far as toxic ingredients are concerned. And also, the fact that it's made in the USA, not China, India, etc. If you want to support an American-based company producing an American-made product, you won't be disappointed here.
Smells amazing and my wife
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Sweet Almond "Smells amazing and my wife loves it as well . Nice slickness for a close shave and skin protection. Had to work a little for a decent lather, but once lathered up it held up well.
Good product
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Ocean "Make sure to only lather portions of your face as it will disappear kinda quick. Other than that it does what it needs to.
Citrus Basil Shaving Soap
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Citrus Basil "Excellent stuff! Really slick with a nice mild citrus herbal notes.
Lathered up very well and it passed my "stress test" easily.
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Campfire "One first stress test I give to any shaving product I try, is the "no prep" method of shaving on a 3 day old beard. I don't wet or wash my face first. I don't use pre-shave oil. I don't shave after showering. Instead, I simply lather up an otherwise dry face and have at it with a DE Merkur 34C. I was very pleased with the performance of this product when used with my typical "wet brush" method and a fairly aggressive application of the brush against my face. As for the fragrance, it's a bit unusual, but neither is it objectionable, and it fades within an hour or so. Actually, I believe the residual fragrance is emanating more from my coarse and bushy mustache than it is from the bare skin of my face. I am pleased with the performance of this product and I will be trying some of the other offerings, as well. FWIW, I first started wet shaving with a brush and a DE razor back in the early 60's.
Dig it
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Campfire "I don't normally like any kind of cologne or perfume scented personal products, but I decided to give this a try because it sounded so unique. It has a subtle scent of smoke and musk that fades quickly after shaving, which is perfect. I have used other products that lasted 12 hours or more, which I hate. But the description of this campfire soap is really truly right on the mark. It may not be for everyone, but for me the scent is nostalgic and reminds me of camping in the summertime. The lather is also nice- whips up very quick and thick. Only complaint is that the tin has zero room for lathering, so you need to either be very careful and a little messy, or use a different container for lathering.
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