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West Coast Shaving Shave Soaps

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West Coast Shaving Shave Soaps Reviews
Good Sampling
West Coast Shaving Sample Pack This was a good sample of all 4 of their new fragrances. The quantity of lotion was also good because it allowed several uses of each after shave, in order to get a good idea of how the after shave smelled at first and over time on your skin. I also liked the fact that the lotions were in spray containers, for ease of application. Over all it was a good sampling of West Coast Shaving's products and well worth the cost, in order to avoid a blind purchase.
Not sure? Try it!
West Coast Shaving Sample Pack So West Coast Shaving has released a line of shaving soaps and aftershave/cologne, great. But there are going to be guys like me who need to use it before making up their mind. The sample packs are just the ticket. The soaps smell great and lather up well, it was a great shave experience and with the matching aftershave sample pack. I received several compliments from my female co-workers with each fragrance. Ultimately I'm going to get the Gatsby fragrance next time I shop but there's something in here for just about every guy.
Great Samples & a Good Product!
West Coast Shaving Sample Pack I've been pretty impressed with the samples of each so far - good amount to really use a couple of times and get a real "sample".
Awesome smell. Although it doesn't
#1 Gatsby Shaving Soap & Aftershave Cologne Set Awesome smell. Although it doesn't last as long as I expected. I would still buy the after shave..
Great stuff!
#9 Denali Shaving Soap This is great! Got this as part of the new WCS sample pack, and of all their great scents, I liked this one the best. Makes me smell like a stick of blue Trident gum on steroids (this is not sarcasm -- I love that scent!).

I enjoyed all but one of the sample pack fragrances -- you all have really hit home runs with those. They produce great lather, have excellent lubrication, and just the right amount of fragrance.

And, they don't cost an arm and a leg.
Very faint scent and a little harsh
#8 Silk Road Shaving Soap & Aftershave Cologne Set I bought this because of the name. In fact, the scent is very slight. The aftershave is not soothing but tends to burn and the scent is quickly carried away. The shaving creme is good, but not exceptional. I have added a few drops of clove essential oil to the shaving cream and that has improved it tremendously
Nice variety
West Coast Shaving Sample Pack You don't get much of each scent, but there is enough to save a few times. It is a great way to decide which ones you like without having to buy a regular size of each one.
Awesome stuff!
#9 Denali Shaving Soap The scent on this is fantastic! It lathers very well and very easily especially considering it's not tallow based. The soap gives a sort of cooling sensation that feels great on the skin similar to a mentholated soap but not as strong. My only negative is that it doesn't seem like it will last very long. The price seems to be reasonable for what you get. I hope it becomes a regular item.
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