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West Coast Shaving Soaps

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West Coast Shaving Soaps Reviews
Great scent
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Citrus Basil I was skeptical about liking this scent, but it's really nice, as well as unique. It also smells natural, not artificial, and it fades fairly quickly which is a plus for me. Would definitely recommend.
Started back using a DE
Started back using a DE razor after about 15 years of cartridges. This is the first shave soap I've ever used. It works well. Took a couple times to get a good lather but that's probably on me and my technique. Good price and my wife loves the smell.
Awesome soap
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Bay Rum "I've used a number of different soaps, but I really like the lather and scent of this. Would definitely try some of the different scents next time.
This was my first experience
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Citrus Basil "This was my first experience with your fine establishment and I will certainly buy from you again. Great selection and very fair prices. Thanks for the awesome customer service!
Love the Scent
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Ocean "This is by far my favorite scent ever... but it requires a LOT of work to get a "quality" lather. The reviews here are accurate, dry brush and only lather the side of your face you are immediately going to shave. It does do it's job once you have figured-out the mix formula. Maybe soon they will make a creme version of all their soaps that will later easier.
West Coast Shaving Soaps
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Sweet Almond "Love 'em. They lather very well, they smell so good and they make shaving very comfortable. They last a while also. Keep up the good work WCS.
campfire shaving soap
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Campfire "Lathers up great mild pleasant scent smooth as silk shaves.
Solid Product!
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Campfire "LATHERABILITY (10/10)

The Method: I wet the puck using lukewarm water at the time I start soaking the brush by running it under the water and then allowing all the excess water to drain off. While I soak the brush, I allow the puck to breathe. Once the brush is ready, I gently squeeze out the excess water, leaving the brush rather wet. Then I take that to the puck to begin swirling.

The Experience: Immediately, this soap absolutely explodes in gobs of frothy lather! That’s a good start, but we know frothy is no good for shaving. I kept swirling, being sure to collect the runoff from the sides of the tin, reincorporating that into the building lather. After about 90-120 seconds, I don’t count, I just go for feel, so that’s an estimate, the lather was developed to a dense, creamy, stiff, slightly under-hydrated lather.

I gathered as much as I could get on the brush and took that to my face to finish by face lathering. I added several generous splashes of water by dunking the brush in the soak water. After incorporating the added water, I was left with mounds beautiful, glossy, slick, protective lather, plenty for a four pass shave. And with the amount of water I was adding at a time, I’ll say this is a very water-friendly latherer. It has an apparently wide sweet spot and incorporates large amounts of added water without getting frothy and bubbly.

SCENT (6/10)

Performance: I’m not rating the scent based on personal preferences which I find to be too subjective to be useful to anyone other than myself. Rather, I’m basing it on potency and sustain. The scent is moderately potent in the tin. Moving into the lathering phase, it’s still noticeable, but I did have to look for it. It’s not an assertive scent. During the shave, same deal. I would get whiffs of it here and there, but had to concentrate on it if I really wanted to smell it. Post-shave, the scent is lingering, but not surprisingly, it’s not overwhelming at all. Rather it’s very subtle, barely there about an hour later.

Description: Like I said, this is just my $0.02, not counted in the score. Maybe it’ll help you if you’re on the fence. The scent, in my opinion, is very sweet, soft, and warm, perhaps a tad bit of spice with just a breeze of smoke to it. In trying to liken it to something tangible, I’d say the smell of laundry that was line dried near a fire. At one point during lathering, the smoke scent really jumped out at me, but it was fleeting. That moment aside, mostly what I smelled was the other scents mentioned. It’s not the type of scent I normally go out for; I like crisp, fresh scents. But it’s pleasant enough, and I’ll enjoy having the variety in my rotation.


9/10 is a high mark. I’m giving that in light of what the product is. I’m not comparing it to milled soaps, or croaps, or creams, or lubes or whatever else. This is a melt-n-pour soap in the same category with Van Der Hagen and Arko (and many many others), so I’m applying the apples-to-apples analysis. And in its field, I’d put it right at the top of the pack. The lather is durable and provides a great deal of glide and cushion. It rinses very easily from the razor and takes well to extended passes where a lot of lather builds up in the head. It didn’t seem to matter when I rinsed, the razor continued to shave without issue. And for buffing, the lather tracks along with the razor and deposits back onto the skin, helping to grease the blade for the next pass in the rapid buffing motion. I’m pleased with the performance.

POST-SHAVE (10/10)

This is where this product really shines. Most MP soaps in my experience, leave my skin very tight and dry after the shave. I love Arko, but man that stuff is like lathered alum to my skin. WCS, however, is rather moisturizing. It’s not perfect. There are other types of soap that I have better post-shave feel with, but for this type of product, it’s great. I splash on some Thayer’s witch hazel and I’m good to go.

VALUE (8/10)

For me, I prefer to use ingredients that I can pronounce and know what they are. I wish they would have found something better to use than PG and fragrance, but that aside, the ingredient list is simple, and pretty good as ingredient lists go. Not perfect, but good. The tin that the puck is packaged in is attractive, durable, and easy to use. And the rounded edges of the tin are gentler than the sharp edges of cheap plastic containers on the brush bristles, which helps to protect your hardware. And this product is made in the USA, whereas much of the competition in this category of soap is made overseas, which keeps product costs down in those other products. All in all, for a product made in America, with a reasonably clean ingredient list, in a quality container, and being a quality product, it’s a fair price.
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