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West Coast Shaving Soaps Reviews
WCS Shave Soap
Not bad, breaks down too quickly, still working on it.
Nice soap
A traditional Bay Rum scent. Not overpowering and it seems to grow while lathering. A harder soap than some, it requires a little more effort to fully lather. A synthetic bristle works better than badger or boar. Lather provides a protective cushion. Finishes smoothly on the face. Good job West Coast.
Review if WCSS Ocean
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Ocean The soap lathers quickly and provides a nice slickness to your face. The soap is a performer. The scent is my favorite item about this soap. There are a ton of great performing soaps and creams on the market so I'm interested in the scent. Ocean really does to me have the scent of an ocean beach. It is really unique that WC could come up with that scent but they did and it is wonderful to shave with in the mornings. Congrats to WC.
Great product
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Winter Spice This arrived yesterday with a lot of other items I ordered. The apple cinnamon smell was so intoxicating I used it today. This certainly exceeded my expectations. The scent remained strong and smelled fantastic. This soap lathered beautifully and provided a rich thick slick lather. I will definitely be trying some more of the Weat Coast shave soaps in the different scents. If you don't like Apple or cinnamon this one won't be for you but you will not be able to complain about the performance at all.
Best shaving soap ever!
West Coast Shaving, Shaving Soap, Winter Spice My wife got me a early Christmas gift last week and this soap is so amazing that I had to write a review. First the scent is amazing and reminds me of a warm spiced apple that I ate yesterday for Thanksgiving. First the ease of lathering was second to none and I simply could not believe how much lather there was with no effort at all. The slickness and cushion was just unbelievable with no irritation at all. I really do not think you can get a better shaving soap at any price! I will be ordering all of the West Coast Shaving soaps!
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