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Gifts for the Beard Guy

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Gifts for the Beard Guy Reviews
Apothecary 87 Beard Oil
Apothecary 87 Beard Oil, Original Recipe "This is my second beard oil purchase. I'll have to say that I was first disappointed in the price v. quantity ratio. The bottle was very small. But since I am new to beard oil, I quickly have learned that a small amount goes a long way. The scent is very distinct and I like it. The product is a good oil. However, I still feel it is a touch over priced.
This is a product that
Apothecary 87 Beard Oil, Original Recipe "This is a product that is well worth it's price. My beard is well conditioned and not smelling girly. The scent is masculine and I plan on using this product again thanks!
stash cream
Abraham's Leave In Beard Conditioner, Barbershop "Don't we all want a stash like Tom Selleck . this is the closest I'll get there
Great product that saves cleanup
Beard King Beard Bib, Black "Great product that saves cleanup time. Thanks!
Bluebeards Shampoo
Bluebeards Original Extra Conditioning Beard Wash, 8 oz "This is my first time using a beard shampoo and it is a great product. Heavy, thick layer with very small application.
Great Product
Beardbrand Beard Oil, Tree Ranger "Subtle scent. Keeps your bear looking neat.
Good brush
Acca Kappa Military Style Hair Brush, Black "I used to think all hair brushes were the same. Until I got this one. The design makes you brush your hair more and the results are healthier scalp and better looking hair. Initially, I paused at the price but now I am glad that I made the purchase.
Christmas Gift
Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit Bought this product as a Christmas gift. I'm happy with the purchase and can't wait for my brother to open it! However, it is a little smaller then I expected, but I didn't exactly have anything in the home to compare it to when reading the reviews and specs.

Either way, I'm a happy customer!
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