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Best Selling Gifts

When you are looking to give a gift that can't be beat, check out any of these great best sellers.

We've selected some of our best selling items and put them here so we can make gift giving a breeze. For the man who has everything, how about a sample pack of shaving cream to tickle his fancy. For the beginner wet shaver, we've selected some of our top selling razors and brushes. And the gift of a great smelling aftershave is never off the mark. Check out our top reviewed splashes and balms. Give a gift that won't end up in the re-gift pile.

Best Selling Gifts Reviews
DE Safety Razor
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor Product in excellent condition and arrived as expected.
Crown Shaving Cream
Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream Seriously excellent. I've done an extensive amount of research on which brand to use in the barbershop, and this came out on top every time. Good value, scent, ingredients. Excellent line.
Brush Bliss
Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush The comfort of this brush is superb! It was a joy to shave with such luxury. The handle has a masculine design very different from other brushes I've seen. It is a small brush so big hands may not appreciate its delicate styling.
Cella rich and smooth
Cella Shave Soap Cream Cella may not be a new boutique brand with lots of buzz, but it's been a staple among gentlemen and their barbers forever because it's great and a great value. Always a smooth shave with thick lather at a great price.
It has this hyper-masculine scent
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Sandalwood It has this hyper-masculine scent that's crazy intoxicating. When I close my eyes and smell my shaving brush, I can imagine myself transported to 1916, with my waxed canvas and wood Bristol fighter plane resting in the pristine fields of the French countryside.
Merkur 180/23C
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor This is my first safety razor. While I can't compare it to other safety razors, I can comment on the product itself. It's extremely well made and the chrome plating is perfect. I especially like the knurling since it saved the razor many times from slipping. That makes it great for use in the shower.

Blade alignment is perfect, and it's definitely on the mild side. You may want something more aggressive if you find yourself going over too many passes.

Although it's called a "long handled razor," the handle is also slimmer than other safety razors I've seen. I think it makes it good for small and large hands alike!

I also converted my dad and my sister to DE razors after I let them try it, so I suppose either DE razors or this one in particular is great for converting folks to wetshaving :)
Great pack
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Choice So far the Astras have been the best even though youd assume the feathers would be superior considering they send you 10 of those. Derbys had TOO much drag. I haven't gotten to the personnas and the remaining brand. I'd definitely switching to Astra.
Great Product Package
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus After using the sampler pack that came with the kit I bought from here, I decided to do some reading on which were good soaps and creams to try. Almost hands down everyone said Proraso green was a great starter and they were right! The menthol and eucalyptus is not over powering and after application, it fades about a half-hour later. My wife loves the smell and she does not care for strong scents. I use the pre/post shave cream just after I shower and after I am done shaving, I think it has made a difference in prepping my face for a shave, but that is just me. The cream is excellent, a little does go a long way! So there is no need to squeeze a lot out, just make sure to add enough water. The splash is refreshing and does disinfect your face. It is not over powering either. This is a great starter for beginners. I will be a life-long Proraso user.
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