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We've selected some of our best selling items and put them here so we can make gift giving a breeze. For the man who has everything, how about a sample pack of shaving cream to tickle his fancy. For the beginner wet shaver, we've selected some of our top selling razors and brushes. And the gift of a great smelling aftershave is never off the mark. Check out our top reviewed splashes and balms. Give a gift that won't end up in the re-gift pile.

Best Selling Gifts Reviews
Great Brush!
Simpson Colonel X2L Best Badger Shaving Brush (X2L) "When I initially started wet shaving, I had a cheap Art of Shaving badger brush found in one of their sample packs. I thought it would do the job for a long time, but after losing some badger hairs from just rinsing it with water. It was time to get serious. After doing some initial research with Omega and Edwin Jagger, which are great brushes as well, I decided to go with Simpson. I narrowed it down between the Commodore X2 and the Colonel. A quick and very helpful chat with Eric. Even though the knot and brush measurements were the same, I decided to go with the Colonel because the handle was a bit taller and thinner. Upon receiving the brush I was amazed at its tight knot and how soft it was. It's a great brush and if I ever need another one, I wouldn't hesitate with a Simpson. Do yourself a favor and get one!
Great Soap
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Sandalwood "Lathers well, and has a solid residual slickness. It lends itself well to even the most aggressive of blades and has a wonderful scent.
Great starter razor
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor "Very good for a beginner that's learning to wet shave. Very easy to handle. Love the long handle as well
Fresh clean aftershave splash
Speick After Shave Lotion (Splash) "I have tried a handful of aftershave splashes so far and this one has a subtle scent which I can't really determine what it smells like. I notice a stronger alcohol smell and feeling when splashed on. It does not have menthol and won't interfere with any strong cologne you might want to wear. I like it (and like the shaving cream a lot too -- get both at the same time) and I wear it a day or two every week.
A Cut Above
Cella Shave Soap Cream "This is quite possibly the best shaving cream or soap I have used to date. It covers all the bases; good lather, great aroma, excellent lubrication and protection, and best of all I did not experience any irritation either during the shave or afterwards. It is easy to understand why this product has been on the market since 1899 and why it is rated as one of the best that money can buy.
Love this brush
Omega 636 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush "This is a great brush at a super good price, especially for a silver tip. LOVE IT
Even a first timer will get good results
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Sandalwood "First attempt at using brush and cream. Even a first timer will feel successful with this cream. Unique scent too. I've always dreaded shaving, now for the first time I can say I enjoyed it. I'm in my 50's. Better late than never.
Crown Shaving Cream
Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream "This is an extremely nice smelling and proficient shaving cream. Lathers quick and thick with great cushion and slickness. The aroma is around a 6 - 7 with a dominant spearmint sent with eucalyptus undertone. Very nice.
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