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Great razor, nothing to be afraid of.
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb I have shaved with this razor daily and have got a great shave without any bleeders. When I put a more aggressive blade in it (Astra SP) I got a great shave that lasted for two days. You can definitely feel the blade when shaving so a real light touch will be required. Love that I only need two passes with a clean up pass. What are you waiting for, buy this razor.
Razor set
Best Sellers Safety Razor Set Very nice package Extremly happy with purchase You have a new customer
Muhle R41 DE Safety Razor
Muhle R41 Double Edge Safety Razor, Open Comb Incredible razor for coarse beards! Very easy to use and gives a very close shave! I started shaving with a safety razor 4 weeks ago. Ive always had to use clippers on my beard because of irritation from cartridge razors, but i never get a close shave with clippers. So i researched other options and found single DE blade razors as a solution to many with my shaving problems. I picked up a starter DE razor from walmart i think it was Van der haggen and started with that. After 2 weeks i out grew it and needed something more aggressive. Research pointed to the Muhle R41. Ive been shaving with it, pairing it with Feather blades, for the last week and a half and love it!
Nice set
Best Sellers Safety Razor Set Bought this as a gift for my father in law to get him wet shaving. don't tell him but I kept the brush for myself and gave him another brand of brush I had bought to use when I travel. This saved me time piecing things together.
Don't need much
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus.A little dab on the brush and your in business. Great aroma from the foam and the menthol feels good on the skin.
Great Choice
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor.I normally use a Merkur 38 with Feather blades as my primary shaver and get great results. But I decided to try the Feather AS-D2 because of all the good reviews. I can not be happier. The Feather is a very high quality razor which shaves as smooth as it is well made. Both razors are about the same size and weight but the Feather just looks and feels better.
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