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Gold Standard
I have been using a Merker 34c-HD for awhile and thought it was a really fine razor, still do. However the AS-D2 is truly a step up. I was reluctant to spend $180 on a razor where I could not imagine a razor that that was that much better than the Merker. However the reviews had me wondering. All the reviews were correct. This thing is the gold standard for razors. When paired with a Feather blade it delivers a shave that is perfect. I do not feel the blade, only hear it cutting. It is remarkably SMOOTH. It cuts all of my growth on one pass and leaves my face soft and smooth. I have never had to do a second pass. I have managed to cut myself about once a week, but always from something stupid, not the razor, but my error. For me , this is as good as it gets. Would I do this again? Absolutely!!
Wish I bought a long time ago!
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor Was hesitant to buy due to price but WCS had a 20% sale and I couldn't pass up. All the reviews were right. Fantastic razor! Will never need to buy another one. Serious weight to this razor with a smooth shave. Highly recommend.
Best designed and manufacture DE razor in the world
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor The first thing they teach you in cooking school is that it is the dull knife that will cut you, not a sharp one. Same with razor blades. This is really a system, a Feather DE razor with Feather platinum coated blades. I get a month out of one Platinum coated Feather Blade in this razor. It is designed so that the corners of the blade do not stick out, which has nicked me with my other brand name English razor. The fist time i shaved with it was when i got it in the afternoon, not just out of the shower. Rubbed a tiny bit a Trumper pre-shave on, then some Sherlock shave soap and put the Feather blade that had been in my other razor in the Feather razor and proceeded to get the most comfortable and close shave i have ever had. Next day i put my other razors on eBay and only use my Feather razor. It is a magnificent instrument to do battle with whiskers and i recommend it to anyone who enjoys a close, smooth, comfortable shave. Have no idea how it works with other blades as i went through the sample pack from WCS and the Feather blades were the best of the lot. It is worth every penny of the price. BTW, the handle is just a tad too long for the leather case WCS sells, but fits their chrome stand perfectly.
The very best of all
Feather AS-D2 Stainless Safety Razor The very best of all the razors I have ever used. This is indeed the very best razor.
Razor set
Best Sellers Safety Razor Set Very nice package Extremly happy with purchase You have a new customer
Great product
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