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A refill of his favorite soap, a unique hand-thrown lather bowl, a signature aftershave, you don't have to spend a lot to say a lot. With so many options under $25, you can find something for that special someone (and something for yourself, too.)

Under $25 Reviews
Exceeded expectations
This soap rivals shaving creams in terms of lather and provides the right amount of cushion for a comfortable, close shave. Does not dry or evaporate on face within minutes; maintains moisture through out the entire shave. Tip: Soak in warm water for 2-3 minutes if you have hard water. May take a minute or two longer to lather but once you load the brush, you'll have plenty for a multiple-pass shave.
Great value
Nice spicy lime scent at a reasonable price.
A Very Good Soap from the Dutch!
This is a soap that builds lather quickly, offers very good cushion and slickness. I used a silvertip brush for building lather and Merkur Slant w Lord Platinum blade. Very good shave w one pass. Scent isn't exactly like the after shave, but close enough for me! I bought a puck a friend too and he really likes the soap and scent as well! As far as those who want to compare this soap to Tabac in performance, the soaps are very similar in ingredients content and lather well. I find the Tabac to build lather a bit more easily with my silvertip brushes and our house water w average water hardness.

And a very good deal for the money!
Awesome aroma
Incredible smell. Superb lather. Great price. Awakens my senses in the morning.
Very good product, easy to
Very good product, easy to use ,nice rich lather.
Great soap, in every respect
I bought this soap (my first from Stirling) based on reviews and have not been disappointed. Luxurious and easy to lather; great cushion; very dense. And I love the scent - one of my very favourite soap scents. I also like the large size, which should last for ages. Will try more from Stirling once my soap library diminishes.
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