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A refill of his favorite soap, a unique hand-thrown lather bowl, a signature aftershave, you don't have to spend a lot to say a lot. With so many options under $25, you can find something for that special someone (and something for yourself, too.)

Under $25 Reviews
One of my favorites
The scent is fantastic but more importantly is the way my skin looks and feels after I use it. I like a burn, but not necessarily daily. This one doesn't burn at all. My skin definitely feels smooth, soft and supple afterwards. I always have a bottle in my rotation.
Perfect Fit
This is the razor that I have been looking for a long while. I have large hands and and the larger diameter, weight and length make this a perfect fit. The quality is equal to or better than my other razors and this has become my favorite. I couldn't be more pleased.
Heavy & Smooth
I got the closed comb and let me tell you - this thing is seriously heavy! But don't let the weight discourage you, the razor does the work all by itself making the shave a breeze. $22 is a steal - just buy it!
W/C leather razor case
Great case for the price.... FREE !!!
Safety razor case
Excellent quality and fit
Good product
Fragrance is subtle and approaching barbershop category, good lather, not quite a classic yet but has the makings. When you're looking for that understated, mellow shave...
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