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A refill of his favorite soap, a unique hand-thrown lather bowl, a signature aftershave, you don't have to spend a lot to say a lot. With so many options under $25, you can find something for that special someone (and something for yourself, too.)

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Pretty heavy
I was tired of my Merkur Future slipping from my fingers in the shower, so I got this. I like it. I don't love it. I wish the handle were 1/2 inch longer and the diameter were between this and the 78S. No trouble gripping, but too heavy to have a good feel. You know how a car's steering is a compromise between nimbleness and stability? This large diameter is not nimble enough.

The Futur is beautiful; the 175S is utilitarian. I bought the Futur after remodelling my bathroom.

You can rest the razor on the end of the head and the end of the handle, so the blade is vertical. That is because the end of the head is pretty flat.
Great razor !!!!
Great razor !!!!
my new go to
Platinum has the perfect mix of alcohol, menthol, and scent. No burn from the alcohol unless you nick yourself. You can feel the nice mild menthol cooling for about 10 min. The scent is there all day but never overpowering!
Outstanding shave soap.
This is the 2nd Stirling soap product I purchased. It lathers very easily, very slick, great cushion. Stirling soaps are terrific soaps and a tremendous valu.
Col Conk Shaving Soap Set, 4 pack
Great value for a start with shaving soap. Good variety of smells. Having a sample allows to determine what is good for me.
My husband lives it. It
My husband lives it. It works great for his skin
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