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The perfect blend of quality and economy, function and fashion, too much and not enough, these gifts are a great idea for those who love the whole wet shaving business. Fabulous badger brushes, phenomenal aftershave scents, gleaming chrome razors, even richly lathering soaps/creams are all here -- not to mention sets, dopp bags, travel items, pre-shaves, and more. Give a little men's grooming love this holiday -- or any day.

Under $50 Reviews
Proraso Products
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus For the money, you can't beat their products. I was looking for something different that had a pre-shave product and I have yet to be disappointed with it. In fact, I think I am getting a closer shave with these products than my previous ones and all I changed was my pre-shave and shaving cream.
Sensitive Skin & Coarse Beard? Get this Razor!
Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar Just completed my first shave with the 37C and a Kai blade. Easily the best shave i have had. Smooth and very little irritation, 2 minor cuts healed with alum. I had issues with the Merkur HD and the Feather AS-D2 seeming to slow down and pulling on my hair. This solved that issue. If you have sensitive skin and a coarse beard, this is the perfect razor!
Lives up to hype!
Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar "After 50 years of cartridge razors, I decided to try a DE mainly because of the cost of cartridges. I spoke to one of the great customer service people who advised the 34C as a "return" to DE shaving. However, I had my first shave at 13 with a Gillette butterfly razor and a Red Blade (this was before stainless blades), so I figured I could handle a slant. I completed my first shave about a half hour ago, and it's great! I used the Astra blade, and it works well.

Before you use it, view the tutorials on Youtube as well as several web pages in reference to slants. Go slow, go light. I only had a couple minor weepers on my neck, and that was because I wasn't paying attention because I was busy congratulating myself in a while I was doing. Thanks WCS!
On the way to find the perfect blade for me
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything "Nice sample pack. Still working my way through it. Had a couple of decent ones a few duds. But this is what it's all about right. Definitely like dealing with west coast for sure.
Proraso is the best!
Proraso Set, Menthol and Eucalyptus "I have tried many soaps and pre shaves but I have determined that Proraso

is My brand. I always do pre shaves because my facial hair is very course.

This is my brand!
You won't regret it.
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything "So I've been with DG DE and Dorco for some time now, I've been wanting to try other blades and this was probably the best way to try. Of course I'm not going to like everything in it. It's a sample pack. You'll only know what works best for Your skin type with Your hair type in Your razor by trial and error. Try it once and find your best shave.
It Works for Me
Merkur 37C Heavy Duty Safety Razor, Slant Bar "For years I used an electric shaver, but as I grayed, and my beard became like sandpaper, I began using a variety of razors. Reading the many positive reviews of the Merkur 37c, I recently purchased one, and have never been more pleased. I believe the slicing of the slant blade gives a result somewhat better than the cutting action found in DE razors. This is a purchase I've not regretted.
Totally satisfied
DE Blade Sampler Pack, Everything "More blades than I can realistically go through in months. Very helpful/educational for comparison as expected. Very fast service, and super-courteous customer service.
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