Wet Shaving, Luxury Grooming and Smiles

WCS may focus on providing men's wet shaving products, but we have plenty for our female customers. Check out some great gifts for her.

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A wet shave doesn't just work wonders on facial hair. Many women have discovered the benefits of a close, smooth DE shave as well. So, here you will find long handled razors (perfect for longer strokes over legs), luxurious creams (in scents like rose, lavender, avocado, or ocean), and toners, tweezers and sponges to enhance your grooming experience. Buy for the woman in your life or let her pick her own.

For Her Reviews
Nice Brush
A good every day brush for the money and will get the job done. Not too soft, holds just enough water to work up a good lather and keep it shape when finished.
Good Higher-End First Brush
This is a good choice as a first brush if you're looking for something made of badger hair and are not trying to skimp on quality. It's a good size and soft. Looks nice too
Great product and worth every
Great product and worth every penny! A NY Times article brought it to my attention. You should use that somewhere on your web site. I had been looking to move back to a safety razor after the shock of the cost of the injector razor blades and lack of a good shave from their use. This safety razor improved both significantly.
Best shave ever!
It felt like there was no blade in the razor.
Long summer
Great product for dry skin after many days outdoors in hot sun. Easy on the skin, best way I've found to smooth the face with little or no irritation.will buy another!
Great Shaver
The long handle is just right, I can't imagine using a short handle.
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