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Wet Shaving Gifts For Her

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A wet shave doesn't just work wonders on facial hair. Many women have discovered the benefits of a close, smooth DE shave as well. So, here you will find long handled razors (perfect for longer strokes over legs), luxurious creams (in scents like rose, lavender, avocado, or ocean), and toners, tweezers and sponges to enhance your grooming experience. Buy for the woman in your life or let her pick her own.

Wet Shaving Gifts For Her Reviews
DE Safety Razor
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor Product in excellent condition and arrived as expected.
Great Starter Pack
Lady's Choice Sample Pack I ordered this assortment to try with my Merkur Progress, and honestly almost every brand in the assortment was a winner for me. Although the best brand for me isn't in this assortment (Feather), all of these did an excellent job. I particularly liked the Astras and the Gillette Silver Blues, closely followed by the Red Personnas and the Gillette 7'oclock Black. Honestly, the difference between the four was marginal, but had I not tried Feather, Astra would be my go-to. Wilkinson didn't do well for me, but might well be great for a different razor.

All in all this is a great way to find your favorite, and I'll definitely be using almost every blade in the pack. Highly recommended!
Merkur 180/23C
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor This is my first safety razor. While I can't compare it to other safety razors, I can comment on the product itself. It's extremely well made and the chrome plating is perfect. I especially like the knurling since it saved the razor many times from slipping. That makes it great for use in the shower.

Blade alignment is perfect, and it's definitely on the mild side. You may want something more aggressive if you find yourself going over too many passes.

Although it's called a "long handled razor," the handle is also slimmer than other safety razors I've seen. I think it makes it good for small and large hands alike!

I also converted my dad and my sister to DE razors after I let them try it, so I suppose either DE razors or this one in particular is great for converting folks to wetshaving :)
TOBS rocks!
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Almond West Coast is my go-to shop and TOBS is my go-to product. Both deliver exceptional quality and price.
Perfect for a dopp kit
D.R. Harris Rosemary shampoo bar, 50g Use it at the gym after workouts. Great, mild smell and gentle too.
Helps Prevent Razor Rash/Burn
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Lavender I have very sensitive skin, and if I use shave cream in a can, I get bad razor burn. With Taylor's the razor glides over my skin and no rash! I got the lavender, but the almond is pretty amazing too.
The Best
Lady's Choice Sample Pack My wife loves it and feels she will save a bundle, which she told me she will spend on shoes. LOL. Oh well at least we have gotten away from the over priced 4 bladed plastic shavers.
Perfect for a new shaver
Lady's Choice Sample Pack I was really happy that this pack was offered since I am brand new to using this type of razor. So far I have only tried 2 brands, but I am already seeing the difference between the 2 so I??m glad I decided to get a sample pack first before I decide which one I like best.
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