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Wet Shaving Gifts For Her

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A wet shave doesn't just work wonders on facial hair. Many women have discovered the benefits of a close, smooth DE shave as well. So, here you will find long handled razors (perfect for longer strokes over legs), luxurious creams (in scents like rose, lavender, avocado, or ocean), and toners, tweezers and sponges to enhance your grooming experience. Buy for the woman in your life or let her pick her own.

Wet Shaving Gifts For Her Reviews
Great product
I love how it feels on my skin. Very soothing and I like the smell of it too. It is not over powering.
Great balance and grip, easy
Great balance and grip, easy to handle, and well-made.
Great value
Vulfix 660S Medium Super Badger Shaving Brush "Very pleased with the Vulfix 660S brush. The badger hair retains water nicely and provides decent backbone all while not scraping up the soap puck too much during lather. Handle sits nicely in-hand and provides a nice recess for hanging on a stand. The only concern I have is the amount of hair that has shed. I'm still seeing stray hairs coming out, even after continual daily use, but will watch it to see if this subsides.
All-Around Good Badger Brush
Vulfix 1000A Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Faux Ivory "This is a solid badger brush for anyone who does not want to spend very much. The brush is quite soft and has the look and feel of a higher-grade badger knot. That being said, if you're looking for a stiff brush that can be used to lather vigorously, this is likely not the brush for you. Overall though, this is a great first choice for those who refuse to settle for a low-grade brush, as it strikes a nice balance between cost and quality.
Great Balance and Close Shave
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor "I started with an entry level TTO Safety Razor and really enjoyed the shaving experience, but it just was not close enough. I also felt like the handle was too short. I researched long handled razors and spoke with customer service then settled on the 23C. Am I ever happy with my selection. Really close with no razor burn at all. My wife noticed the difference as well. The longer handle gives more control. I was a bit put off by the idea of three piece construction but it's actually a breeze to clean and dry. So far only used Astra Platinum blades. I would definitely recommend!
For a gentlemanly shave
Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Rose "This TOBS product performs admirably, like the other varieties I've tried. The sandalwood and Eton College are in my regular rotation. The Rose is exactly what it says it is: it smells like a rose garden. But the scent is light and not cloying or overpowering. It lathers, for me, a little thicker than Eton College -- not sure why. The cream is pink in the jar, but lathers white. The scent lingers a while, but is not at all feminine. Very old-school British, to my thinking. You'll want to step out of the bathroom, put on your glen plaid three-piece and bowler, and step out in your George Cleverlys.

West Coast shaving is, as always, a joy to do business with. The product arrived as-advertised and ahead of schedule.
Great products and am enjoying
Lady's Starter Set "Great products and am enjoying it so far. Only have tried one of the blades but its working out great.
Great starter razor
Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor "Very good for a beginner that's learning to wet shave. Very easy to handle. Love the long handle as well
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