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Best blades
These are by far the best blades. I've tried Astra, Gillette Silver Blue, and the Gillette Seven O Clock. The sharper the blade, the less irritation I have. I have a Muhle R89 and these blades are amazing. I get a great shave and this is the best bargain around. I shave every three days, and I get about 3 uses to a blade. This will last me a while.
Smooth Shave, minimal nicking
I bought a few sample packs & tried lots of blades before selecting the Lord Platinum blades. Are they as sharp as Feather - nothing is. Do they give me a better shave - absolutely. I get a very smooth shave every time, with very little to no nicking. Those Feathers were sharp as h*ll, but they left my face bleeding every time.

Of course, the choice of blades is quite subjective, as is how you shave. I use a pre-shave (PREP), PRORASO cream applied with a brush, LOTS of hot water, and a vintage Gillette Black Boy set to 6. YMMV, depending on your situation, but if you get your beard really prepped well, you will get a good shave with these. At $0.10/each, I think that they are an overall winner.
Great Blades Affordable price!
I have used 1 blade for 4 shaves before I even felt the least bit of drag. When I feel a drag it's time to change out the blade and these blades out perform the wilkinson on my face which makes me pleased with them.
Great blades at a great price. I tend to keep my blades, razor, and brush constant (gets expensive otherwise) so i stick with these as they offer the best blend of performance and value. YMMV. Love them!
Feather Blades
I really like these blades. Extremely sharp witch makes for a very comfortable shave.

Very durable edge. I get a full week of very comfortable shaving from a single blade.
my blade
After using one of the sample packs plus a few from a B&M, I found that Astra blades are the right blades for me.
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