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Second time around
Weishi Chrome Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor in CaseBought this same razor from the same company many years ago. Decided to get a new one and am extremely pleased with the re-purchase.
Astra Blades
Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades)I was using feather blades but for me the Astra is a much better blade. I get more shaves per blade from the Astra and a more controlled blade from sharp to needing replacement. Others are sharp then dull like B@W no gray area.
The ones for me
BIC Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades).I've been through two variety packs, and found these to be the ones for me. Not that others were bad, but these seemed to fit my razor so I didn't have to manually adjust to maintain a parallel edge. Also they seemed best from a non irritant stand point.
Was what I expected.
Quite pleased with these blades
Lord Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades).Great shaving blade. Sharp, smooth, and nicely priced. Very happy. The Lord Platinum Class will be part of my blade rotation. :)
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