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Worried that your friend won't like the present that you'll give him? Why not offer him this $75 Gift Certificate instead? This'll save you from wasting hours thinking about the perfect gift, and you'll be able to share the fun experiences that you had when buying from West Coast Shaving.

With a $75 coupon, your recipient can purchase most of the men's grooming essentials that he needs such as shaving balm, cream, razor, cologne, shaving brush, and a whole lot more! And if the voucher can't cover the entire cost of his order, he can complete the transaction using his credit card or Paypal account.

Once you've made your payment and sent details like sender's and recipient's names, the voucher will be transferred to your email. You can also compose a short message to make it more personal. Afterwards, just forward the coupon to your friend, or print it out and give it to him personally. To use the gift certificate, the recipient only needs to type the code on the-Apply Coupon" field before he checks out.