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Known as one of the largest shaving brands in the world, it's no surprise Bic double edge razor blades are top quality and very well known. These are made in Greece and fit in any standard safety razor. One of our top selling DE blade and included in some of our sampler packs.

BIC Double Edge Blades
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BIC Reviews
Best Non-Aggressive Blades
BIC Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades) Having taken advantage of several multi-pacjs of different blades, I have given up Merkur blades as too dull but have enjoyed from day one the greater closeness of these Bic blades with no loss of gentleness . . . and never any nicks or cuts. Try them!
BIC DE blades
BIC Double Edge Razor Blades Although I write this review from Greece, these blades are not available directly in my country (!!!). On the other hand, there are sellers that import them from abroad, so I have the option to purchase them. Not because I'm Greek, but as a 20 year wet shaver, having tested most of market's blades, I find them as a mix (not compromise) of ASTRA platinum's smoothness and FEATHER (ok, if FEATHER gets a clear 10, BICs get a 9 for sure...) sharpness. Sure they are in my top 5 go-to blades, and I find myself, most of the times, loading my R41 Muehle tooth comb with BICs and my Merkur Futur (set to 4 to5) with ASTRAs Plat. Give them a try!
The best of 5 Razor Blades
BIC Double Edge Razor Blades I have now tried 5 brands of Platinum Chrome Blades and the winner is Gillette.

My beard is tough and even barbers complained when I went in for a shave for a special event. BIC was included in my test and didn't make the finals. Jack Bornhoeft
close shave
BIC Double Edge Razor Blades "I recently bought a Merkur Progressive razor. The previous razor did not have enough blade exposure to give a close shave and worked best with Gillette 7 o'clock's. But the 7 o'clock's were only good for about 3 days before they began to pull using a razor with more blade exposure. The BIC's are sharper and I can easily get 6 close shaves. And at a great price
Pleasantly surprised and now my top blade
BIC Double Edge Razor Blades "I bought these out of sheer curiosity. Made in Greece. Each blade came in a plastic jacket. I put them in a Merkur Slant. Magic. Three passes. Two across and one against. Smooth. Close shave. Little to no irrigation. Very impressed. Will re-up soon.
Very sharp with a close shave, but not the smoothest
BIC Double Edge Razor Blades "I first used these blades some years ago in an aggressive razor, a Merkur Futur using Tabac shave soap. It was pretty rough but very sharp. Recently I tried them again with my new setup, an Edwin Jagger razor, which is more forgiving, and Nivea shave gel in a can. This time it was much better and gave a very close shave with few strokes. However, it becomes a little rough after two or three shaves. I think this blade is great for the price if you're very cost-sensitive but it doesn't beat the comfort of my favorite Gillettte Minora blades.
The ones for me
BIC Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades).I've been through two variety packs, and found these to be the ones for me. Not that others were bad, but these seemed to fit my razor so I didn't have to manually adjust to maintain a parallel edge. Also they seemed best from a non irritant stand point.
Best of the pack
BIC Double Edge Razor Blades.the BIC DE blade was one of several in the larger sampler pack. Tried each one individually for a maximum of 3 shaves. A couple of them did not last even that long. The BIC did, and did it superbly. Clean, smooth 3X each shave (wtg, atg and sideways). Face was BBS and did not feel burned, hot or rough. This will definitely be my go to blade.
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