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Barber Supplies

We love to take care of our barber customers! For those professionals who wield the razor with artistry and passion, we carry the best in tools and supplies.

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From items to create a clean neck line or a great shave, we've got it. We also offer Barbicide and jars to keep those barber tools clean. You may want to check out the Feather AC line for treating those "VIP" customers to the best shave in a chair. We work with many of the best manufacturers in men's grooming and barber supplies. If you don't see something you need to take care of your clients, just contact us and tell us what you want. We can usually have it in stock in a week or two. If you're local, stop by and say "Hi."

Barber Supplies Reviews
Best cleaner ever for a Norelco electric
Barbicide Disinfectant, 16oz "I dipped the heads into the solution for ten minutes and then turned the shaver on to spin debris out of them. The shaver was restored to that new feel.
Perfect sized jar for DE safety razor and nail scissors/clippers.
Barbicide Jar - Midsize "This is the perfect size for all of your safety razors. The large size is just too big as I don't have to put brushed or combs into the solution because I don't share brushes and combs. I got the medium size just to keep my razors sterile and t,avoid possible infection from a nick or cut. I love Barbicide!
Facial Wrap Towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White "I found this towel to be the perfect size for me. It easily absorbs water and holds the heat quite well. Definitely a good purchase.
Great towels. Nice to use hot!
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White These are good for just drying off your face and equipment but a preshave hot wrap is the way to go. I like to roll them up as shown in the picture, put them in a small mug, and pour maybe a half cup of hot water over them from an electric kettle. I try and avoid pouring water right on the corner. Once it's sat and soaked in a bit I grab it by the corner and pull it out. I have to wave it around and let it steam off some heat before I use it. Once it's cooled down enough to lay on the palms of your hands comfortably it's ready to put on your face. A great preliminary step to shaving.
Barbicide Disinfectant, 64oz It is the only disinfectant that I have ever used. It sure buys you pice of mind.
Beauty pro facial wrap towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White.I love the towels but I didn't receive the free razor blades as promised.
The perfect fit!
Barbicide Jar - Midsize.Barbicide jars are an indispensable addition for the gentleman who enjoys proper grooming. From combs to razors, tweezers, nail and cuticle scissors, all of the elements we use daily and often need sanitation, a ready jar of Barbicide helps take care of business. As I don't need the height to accommodate a comb, I chose the mid-sized Barbicide Jar. It is the perfect fit for my needs. We all look for the best price, and with the combined items I purchased from West Coast, received free shipping. The price of the jar was a couple of dollars below Amazon and more from other retailers. I am very pleased not only with the performance and utility of the Jar, but also the service received from West Coast Shaving.
Excellent product and delivery time!!
Fromm 1907 Vintage Tools Barber Cape.Looking forward to make further purchases.. thank you.
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