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Baudelaire Bath Accessories

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Baudelaire Bath Accessories Reviews
Nice scrubber
Baudelaire Sisal Body Scrubber I was pleasantly surprised at how well it lathers my body wash, love it.
Shower Changing...
Baudelaire Horsehair Wash Mitt Great addition to a daily shower routine. Takes a few uses to break-in but worth it.
Great body scrubber!
Baudelaire Sisal Body Scrubber "I love the natural fibers of this!
Great product, well made and
Baudelaire Sisal Wash Cloth.Great product, well made and cleans well.
Wonderful Face Cloth!
Baudelaire Sisal Wash Cloth.This face wash cloth is a wonderful rough cloth that combined with a quality face wash leaves the face smooth and clean. I have noticed that my skin appears not only clean but healthier. This item is superior to other items I have used. It leaves the skin texture healthy looking. It has made a huge difference to my facial skin.
Great Product
Baudelaire Horsehair Wash Mitt.I love this mitt, leaves you feeling great, makes tons of lather with the soaps and lasts. Would definitely recommend and have bought again.
Puts the "scrub" in "scrub-a-dub"
Baudelaire Horsehair Wash Mitt.Hooo whee! Man, this will take the paint off the side of a barn. Likewise, it will exfoliate all your skin with a vengeance. ???What did I ever do to deserve this??? your skin may ask. Well, it got dry and bumpy. That??s that it did. And this is what you use to get it all nice and smooth again. I let my wife borrow it. She said our welcome mat was softer, and then cried a little. But I love it. It gives me an adrenaline rush. If you can wash with this, you can wash with just about anything. Bathing at the quarry? Grab a rock ??? it??ll be a cake walk. But unlike a rock, this mitt??s ability to retain water makes it a good latherer. And while it shows absolutely no sign of softening, in just one week, my skin is amazingly smooth and healthy. Highly recommend.
Best bath sponge out there
Baudelaire Bath Sponge, Boxed Large.Don't waste your time shopping around. This is super soft and worth every penny. There might be some cheaper sponge out there but it's like using sand paper. The sponge is also a good size.
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