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The Beauty Pro facial wrap towel has been a big hit since we started carrying it last year. We love it so much that we asked if we could add our embroidered logo, and Beauty Pro said yes! This wonderfully soft and now West Coast Shaving-branded cloth is the result.

This product was designed to meet a hole in the market - towels specifically designed for warm facial wraps. The size is perfect for this task, and the 500gsm Egyptian Cotton material used to make it is, as well. The thick weight retains moisture and heat longer than other barber towels. These are perfect for barbershop wet shaves, but are just as luxurious for home use. Use them for your face at home before shaving. They are also ideal for use at salons during beauty and body treatments. You're going to want to keep this on your face - they are just that luxuriously soft.

Includes one towel.

Sized 60cm (long) by 20cm (wide)