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Years ago we had a wonderful barber towel that was head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Sadly, it was discontinued, and we've been searching for a replacement ever since. Well, we've found it! And this one is even better.

A brand new size of towel designed by Beauty Pro for the beauty industry. The new Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel is created from the highest quality of ultra soft Royal Egyptian Cotton and 500gsm in weight. These new and exclusive towels will wrap the face, making it ideal for beauty facial treatments, body treatments, and barbers wet shaves. It's also perfect for at home use. Made to fit in the BeautyPro Hot Towel Steamer Kit, or simply get it wet with warm water to refresh your face. This thicker weighted towel retains the heat for longer than standard towels and is ultra soft on the skin for ultimate relaxation.

You will receive one towel with purchase.


20 cm x 60 cm.