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Beauty Pro Towel Packs & Warmer

Beauty Pro Towels and Towel Steamers are a great to have around for that extra luxurious feeling. We had long been on a quest to find just the right shape terry cloth that did not feel like something we would be using at a car wash. We wanted to find one that felt the way you should feel when you are doing a proper shave-it had to be soft and scream quality. We love having these towels available in plain white and could not resist offering you one with our logo on it as well. They are easily washed and seem to last and last. It's great for shaving, but even really a perfect size hand towel to keep on your sink. The towel steamer can be used for 1-6 towels and we can assure you that this is really the full experience. Enjoy!

Beauty Pro Shave Towels
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Beauty Pro Towel Packs & Warmer Reviews
Great towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, 3 Pack Perfect size to wrap your face in. Quality cotton construction and little to no lint.
Perfect towels for a shave!
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, 3 Pack "These are the wide, rectangular towels like the barber puts around your neck before you get a haircut. Very soft and "hefty" (that is, not cheap, thin or scratchy). If you're like me and use a new, clean towel with every shave then get a pack of these. They're 4 bucks each and will last for years.
Facial Wrap Towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White "I found this towel to be the perfect size for me. It easily absorbs water and holds the heat quite well. Definitely a good purchase.
Great towels. Nice to use hot!
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White These are good for just drying off your face and equipment but a preshave hot wrap is the way to go. I like to roll them up as shown in the picture, put them in a small mug, and pour maybe a half cup of hot water over them from an electric kettle. I try and avoid pouring water right on the corner. Once it's sat and soaked in a bit I grab it by the corner and pull it out. I have to wave it around and let it steam off some heat before I use it. Once it's cooled down enough to lay on the palms of your hands comfortably it's ready to put on your face. A great preliminary step to shaving.
Beauty pro facial wrap towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White.I love the towels but I didn't receive the free razor blades as promised.
Excellent Towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White.Ordered one, it arrived very quickly, works great, thick enough to hold the heat and moisture to soften the hairs and open the pores, wife liked it, so I ordered 3 more. Quality towel I expect it will last quite a while, I can live without the logos and the brand names, but order the black ones if you cut yourself a lot and the sight of blood bothers you.
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, White.Does better to retain heat than a regular washcloth, especially when one folds it over.
Nice size much better than
Beauty Pro Facial Wrap Towel, WCS Logo.Nice size much better than washcloth I was previously using
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