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Semogue became popular in the US for their boar shaving brushes. Extremely well made, fantastic boar knot, and style so unique you know a Semogue when you see one. These are great for shaving soaps, but work fine with creams as well. Don't be turned away with the prickly tips as they will soften up quite a bit with a few weeks of use.

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Boar Reviews
Great for face lathering
Semogue 1250 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush This is my first boar bristle brush. I have two badger brushes which cost much more and are very beautiful, but they don't really lather better than this brush. I wanted to try a boar brush because they reportedly have more “backbone”. I like “croaps” like Cella and Proraso, so I figured a boar brush would be ideal, but I really use it more for face lathering with soap sticks. The knot is not as large as my badger brushes, but it lathers great and gets better each day as the bristles get split ends. I have not used my other brushes since I got this. Good stuff and inexpensive to boot.
My husband loved this item!
Suprisingly compact brush!
Semogue 1520 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush At first qhen i recieved i doubted wether i doubtef wether or not i would like the knot size... but after a couple of uses the brush began to break in and now its one of my favorite and is my dault shave bruah for the work week... great for a quick two pass shave... honestly if its a semouge product your always going to get the best boar brush around
Excellent brush and service
Semogue 620 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush Excellent brush and service
Semogue 1470 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush Great little brush at a great price!
SOC bristle brush
Semogue Owners Club Pure Bristle Shaving Brush, Cherry Handle My wet shaving started 35yrs ago with a Kent-BKL12. That serviced well above 25yrs and still exists today, in marveleous condition. Though knowing abt bristle brushes, I never got one until 4yrs ago. Amongst bristle producers, Semogue is the best and today I own 2 SOC bristle brushed as well as 2 SOC-badger one's. For their pricerange, they are unbeatable and the performance of both badger and bristle are top notch. My most go to SOC-brushes are, in fact, the bristle one's. Once broken in they offer similar softness as badger, but they are stiffer, which I prefer for exfoliating the skin. Yes, naturally they hold lesser water than badger, but that's not a bid deal. Great brushes, even greater value for money...
Semogue 1305 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "I have quite a few expensive silvertip badger hair brushes decided to bu this one just for kicks and after the break in period I find myself using it all the time I kinda want to kick my own behiind for spending so much on so many diffrent silvertip brushes.
Quite impressive
Semogue 1460 Pure Bristle Shaving Brush "Now, I don't know about you but I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" (buy cheap, get cheap). I took the gamble at $15. But Boars hair? Never heard of it until recently when my 8 year old silver tip (merkur) which I was never really impressed with, simply degraded in quality and looks. It wore out because I used it hard to lift my whiskers which themselves are tough as comparable copper wire. In short, Badger just doesn't offer any "backbone" to speak of. It's meant to create lather and mildly lift and exfoliate.

Out of the box this Semogue 1460 had no odor worth mentioning. The company logo is a sticker and I simply don't like logos or stickers on anything after I buy them. I took the logos and emblems off my truck. This sticker came off with moderate effort and 30 seconds of patience. It probably wouldn't have lasted very long under shaving conditions anyway.

My first shave was just what I wanted. This brush has very nice backbone but won't rough up your skin. The ends are quite soft but not Badger soft. It really did the job on the whiskers too. Holds water much better than I anticipated. Where have boar hair brushes been all my life?

How well does this brush hold up? Time will tell. Suffice to say that out of the box and one shave did not produce one hair falling out. If the brush lasts 2 years (I'm certain it will last decades if not become an heirloom piece) then $15 every 2 years is still light years cheaper than trying to keep up with modern shaving systems. Who in their right mind needs 5 blades at a time anyway?

I ordered on a Saturday evening and Westcoast got it out that Monday late afternoon . It was in my hands on Wednesday. Honestly, from Chino California to East Coast Florida in 2 days 1st class UPS? I mean that's better than the USPS by 3-4 days.

Hats off to WCS, Semogue and UPS! Thanks to all of you.
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