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When you want the closest shave possible, it can be hard finding the right tool for the job, but this outstanding Bolin Webb R1-S Razor, Argent is more than equal to the task. It features a Gillette Mach 3 razor head, which is the gold standard when it comes to men's grooming. If your quest for the most effective way of handling your beard has been unsatisfactory, we encourage you to give this amazing product a chance. We promise that its performance will more than satisfy, and you will be pleased with the way it feels in your hand. You will also love the modern design and great color!

You'll never return to your old grooming tool once you've used this one. It's simply the best on the market. It comes in a high-quality box that's just perfect for gift-giving, so share it with anyone who deserves a cool gift. Don't forget the ladies - they'll find it works wonderfully on leg and underarm hair.

Made in the UK