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Shaving Bowls & Mugs

The pi?ce de r?sistance of the wet shave is the lather, so getting the right vessel for that frothy cloud is vitally important. Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind hand-thrown ceramic bowl or an easy-to-hold mug with a handle, we've got something for you.

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Shaving Bowl and Mug Education

Find a beautiful bowl or mug to whip up your perfect shaving lather. We carry a variety of beautiful, classic metal, wood, and stone bowls and shaving mugs. Ceramic options tend to hold in the heat and will keep your lather warm as you shave. Scuttles hold a special size soap, so be sure to ask if you're unsure. Our hand-thrown options are particularly popular, with just the perfect size and interesting glaze. Each is one of a kind. Show off your unique style and classy up that bathroom sink. We even have some plastic jars with lids that are great for holding your soap when traveling.

Difference between Shaving Bowl and Shaving Mug

Shaving mugs are deeper than shaving bowls and usually have a more defined handle.

Shaving Bowls & Mugs Reviews
Great bowl!
Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Light Blue Perfect size to fit in the palm of my hand and deep enough to hold the lather well
It's nice
Good Bowl, Good Grip
Hand Thrown Lather Bowl, Light Blue I've been using this bowl for about a week; I'm a daily shaver. I used to use a bigger bowl with some ridges along the bottom, my theory being the ridges helped with whipping up lather (I'm certain that's just a myth we wet shavers perpetuate). :) Looking to change things up a bit, I thought I'd give this bowl a try. First impression, I loved the way it fit in my hand. It's much smaller than the bowl I've grown accustomed to using, yet it's large enough that I can whip up a lather just fine. I also like that the bowl's lower outer-half isn't glazed; it's left rough. I never feel like the bowl might slip out of my hand, even with damp fingers. It's great. It's a nice little bowl; I like the glaze; I like the color. The only con I've really noted thus far is that my other bowl is actually more of a traditional concave bowled shape; so when whipping up lather, I could push my lather back down from the sides of the bowl, tamp it with my brush a bit, and keep whipping. Obviously, this new bowl is not concave-shaped, so I've had some adjustments to make with my lathers when they start to whip up. Overall, though, I'm happy with the bowl, and I'm going to keep using it. Like it a lot. Great price. Great quality. Great service from WCS. Thanks, fellas!
Old fashion
Col. Conk Shaving Mug #115 Went back to the old fashion way of shaving.
Col conk shaving soap tin #917
Col. Conk Chrome Shave Cup #917 Good size,good quality, nice price and came with cake of soap! Worth every penny!! Thanx West coast shaving
Just what I needed
Apothecary Shaving Mug, Cream Nice size and sturdy, it allows me to build the desired foam I like.
Lather Builder
Fine Lather Bowl, Black and Gray Could be the soap, brush or amount of water used or a combination of the three, but when I use this bowl it produces a lather that is very fluffy with a lot of air. I still need to experiment with it some more, but so far I am loving it
Nice size for face lathering,
Hand Thrown Apothecary Mug, Dark Blue Nice size for face lathering, heavy. The bottom could be more smooth as I like to load and lather in bowl. Scratches my countertop. Will be useing it on a towel.
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