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Be your own commander in the field of beard shaving! Smoothen up with the Brooklyn Grooming Classic Shaving Oil, Commando. This fragrance-free formula is made from organic sesame and avocado oils, rounded with nourishing extracts of Castor and Kukui nut oil. Avocado oil, particularly, helps in promoting healthy skin with regenerating and rejuvenating effects. These natural ingredients nourish and moisturize with no worries of pore clogging and harmful chemical side effects. It also has Vitamin E, a versatile and powerful antioxidant, which prevents skin aging and moisturizes your skin. 

This product is a natural lubricant, which gives your razor blade a smooth slide across your neck and chin, reducing the risks of razor burns, nicks, cuts, and other irritations. Also, unlike the usual foams, you can really see right through this product. This gives you a better sight of which part to shave or not. Now that's a practical and perfect shearing agent! 

Shaving has never been this easy!

Size: 1 fl oz

Made in the USA

* Castor oil, *Avocado oil,*Sesame oil,*Kukui nut oil and vitamin e.

*= organic