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Captain Fawcett was a real person, an explorer who lived in the Edwardian age. If you have one of those cheap disposables, he may have been nice enough to throw it on a ship and get rid of it for you. If you have trouble with rashes, breakouts and other issues, it might be because you are using a cheap razor. This razor can help you solve those problems.

These types of blades are very high quality and they hold up well. The key to keeping your skin healthy is to use a good lubricant, a very sharp blade and something to tone and soothe your skin afterward, such as an aftershave or a balm. If you have these three elements, you are off to a good start and to looking your best. This product happens to be extremely well made, it has a great balance in your hand and it makes it a lot more fun to deal with your grooming. Keep this on the stand in your bathroom and everybody will know that you take your hygiene and your looks seriously and that you definitely know what you're doing to maintain the right appearance.

Length: 130mm
Handle Length: 87mm
Fitting: Gillette Mach 3 (blade supplied)
Weight: 29 grams

Hand-made with pride in Sheffield, England.