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Choice Beard & Co. Beard Products Reviews
Choice Beard & Co. Beard Tamer, Up North Love your product, best I've found I use a bit of oil (up north) and then I use the beard tamer it keeps my beard looking and feeling great. I've tried other brands but I came back to [email protected] it's just the best I've found and I've had my beard 20 plus years. Less breakage and frizzes.

Just a all around good product, I hope you will try it I know you won't go back to something else... Justin
Up North
Choice Beard & Co. Beard Oil, Up North Pine in all its glory. After using this for about a week my wife noticed that my beard was indeed softer and "more snuggly" and I noticed that having a light oil helped keep my face warmer than without it on my winter motorcycle rides. As for the scent though, have you ever wanted to smell like a pine forest? or the Christmas tree lot at your local hardware store? or a stack of freshly milled 2x4's? Because that is exactly how you will smell. Not overpowering, but a nice light distinct pine smell will eminate from your mane for a few hours. I have been using this every morning and again in the afternoon on days where I have a chance. Plan on doing so until I run out, then buying more of this one.
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