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Choice Beard & Co.

Looking good and doing good don't always go hand-in-hand, but Choice Beard is out to change all that. The facial hair enthusiasts behind the products started out with a mission to improve the average beard and have moved on from there to improving the world, one sale at a time. Each purchase of Choice Beard's all-natural, rejuvenating oils and grooming products helps them to offer assistance to partners like the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. That means that while you're taming the itch that comes with growing your facial hair, maintaining the softness and health of the skin underneath your established beard, or keeping your whiskers unbeatably soft and smelling great, you're also giving back to the world with more than just your fantastically manly, well-groomed appearance. The clean scents of the outdoors and the pure ingredients will bring you back to nature; the company mission will revive your faith in human nature.

Choice Beard & Co. Beard Products
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Choice Beard & Co. Reviews
Choice Beard & Co. Beard Tamer, Up North Love your product, best I've found I use a bit of oil (up north) and then I use the beard tamer it keeps my beard looking and feeling great. I've tried other brands but I came back to [email protected] it's just the best I've found and I've had my beard 20 plus years. Less breakage and frizzes.

Just a all around good product, I hope you will try it I know you won't go back to something else... Justin
Up North
Choice Beard & Co. Beard Oil, Up North Pine in all its glory. After using this for about a week my wife noticed that my beard was indeed softer and "more snuggly" and I noticed that having a light oil helped keep my face warmer than without it on my winter motorcycle rides. As for the scent though, have you ever wanted to smell like a pine forest? or the Christmas tree lot at your local hardware store? or a stack of freshly milled 2x4's? Because that is exactly how you will smell. Not overpowering, but a nice light distinct pine smell will eminate from your mane for a few hours. I have been using this every morning and again in the afternoon on days where I have a chance. Plan on doing so until I run out, then buying more of this one.
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