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Cliff Original

When Cliff Original contacted us about their new hair wax, we were intrigued. We got the sample and were surprised to see how hard it was, nothing like the pomades and creams, or even other waxes, that we've tried or carried in the past. So it sat at home until one day owner, Christine, tried it on her sons. She loved it and they looked great. It seems to work particularly well with our son who has a wavy surfer style. When we find a hair product we like, we have to offer it in the store. We're excited with the direction Cliff is taking and hope to bring in more of their products in the near future.

Cliff Original Grooming Products
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Cliff Original Reviews
good soap
Cliff Original Face Wash & Shave Brick Soap, Bay Rum "Lathers very fast but if there is supposed to be an aroma, I can not smell it. I have not used it as a shaving cream, but as a face and body cleanser it does a very good job.
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