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Col Conk, looking very serious on this package, wants you to have a great shave. To that end, this avocado oil, glycerin-based and vitamin E fortified soap is a great product. This is a 1.5-inch diameter cake that weighs 2.25 ounces and has the incredible scent of amber. If you like classy scents, it is hard to do better than amber. It's warm and fresh at the same time and anybody who gets close enough to get a whiff of it is going to know that you're a distinguished fellow.

At the same time that growing facial hair out is becoming fashionable, many men are rediscovering that people in the old days really knew how to shave off their facial hair a lot better than you can with cheap drugstore products. From straight razors to high-end aftershave and beyond, more and more guys are finding out that taking care of yourself pays off in a big way. You not only look better, you feel better, your skin holds up better and there's a good deal of confidence that comes with it. Believe it or not, simple products like this one are a big part of making that happen and this is an affordable and very high quality way to go.

Size: 2.25 oz; 1.5" in diameter.

Scent: Amber

Scent: Amber