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If you like to smell fresh after you're done using your razor, this lime scent from Col Conk is marvelous. It has a wonderfully invigorating fragrance to it and you'll definitely notice that after you're done using it. If you happen to use cologne or an aftershave with a complementary scent, you will not be disappointed. This shaving soap is packaged in a watertight container which fits Col. Conks 2.25 oz small soaps perfectly, so you can use this over and over again and it is definitely made to hold up to plenty of time on the road.

Travel brushes, cases and other items are excellent things for any guy to have available. For a lot of people, going on a trip means using whatever products they can find in small enough quantities to stash in their luggage and take with them. All too often, this means a lot of plastic handles, department store spray foam lubricant and other really quite shoddy items that don't treat your skin the way they should. This is one of the things that can help you stay with your self-care routine when you are away from home.

Made in the USA.