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Col. Conk

Colonel Ichabod Conk is world renowned for quality, classic shaving supplies. Inspired by their namesake, a popular barber in the 1800s, they have developed products for wet shavers that will stand the test of time. Probably best known for their shaving soap, which is a great glycerin puck with traditional scents, they also offer a variety of sets, mugs, badger hair brushes, and combs. We've been working with them since our early years and are happy to bring you these fine Col. Conk products.

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Col. Conk Reviews
col conk
Col Conk Watertight Travel Container with Bay Rum Shaving Soap put simply great fits in my travel kit nicely. I love Col Conk soap, gives me a great shave.
Worth A Try
Col. Conk Natural After Shave Lotion, Rio Grande Lavender This product performs double duty as I shave my head and face and use it for both. I use it sparingly, less than a half pump and apply in small amounts by rubbing it in thoroughly. The aroma is quite pleasant and very gentlemanly, reminding me of a proper barbershop. Remember those? It absorbs into the skin well and is not greasy in any way. The scent does fade a bit but you will still get traces of it during the day. Personally, I shave three times a week but still use this product daily for my skin and am very pleased with the performance and quality it delivers.
Travel Solution
Col Conk Watertight Travel Container with Almond Shaving Soap This is a pleasant shaving soap that works very well for travelling. Its waterproof case ensures that the contents don’t spill over into your shaving-kit bag and the soap itself is creamy in texture, works up a rich lather and has a pleasant smell that doesn’t interfere with other aftershaves or colognes.
Used these products for years
Col Conk Shaving Soap, Bay Rum Small 2.25 oz Used these products for years and love them. Delivery from WCS was quick and efficient
I ordered the wrong size
Col Conk Shaving Soap, Bay Rum Large 3.75 oz I ordered the wrong size as my cup is not large enough to except the ones I got
Love it
Col. Conk Natural Shave Soap, Rio Grande Lavender I was a little unsure about the lavender but thought that since I shave mostly late at night it would be more calming than invigorating. I have to say the lavender fragrance is mild but noticeable and I really do like it. Not feminine at all. The soap lathers great and isn't overly soapy to the extent that it makes a watery mess like others I have used. Overall a great shave soap.
Works great
Col. Conk Chrome Shave Cup #917 Simple, clean, elegant, inexpensive, and it works well.
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