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Crown Shaving Co.

Crown Shaving Company is rooted in a love for fine grooming essentials. With his childhood of barbershop memories and many hours spent sweeping floors for some earnings, the founder of this company (Dino Caracciolo) would naturally go on to become a barber himself. The family business, in Toronto, Canada, and was founded in 1955 and proudly continues in his hands. Unfortunately, he found that he became very sensitive to the products he was using in his shop. Ingredients found in shampoo, hair creams, hair tonics, shaving creams and beyond were clearly putting a damper on his day. Many products contain high levels of alcohol, color, synthetic fragrance, parabens, and sufates. With the option of hanging up his clippers and stowing away his scissors, he was faced with a decision to make. He opted to try to fix the problem by developing this great line of grooming must-haves that were natural, gentle and seemed to solve his problems and the problems that many other could relate to. This line was made for men and has a classic feel with the barber poles on every label. From a super-slick start with the pre-shave, to a cooling and great-lathering shaving cream scented with eucalyptus and spearmint, closing those pores with a tonic and finishing the job with a perfectly balanced aftershave lotion, you will be ready for whatever lies ahead of you!

Crown Shaving Co. Aftershave & Shaving Cream
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Crown Shaving Co. Reviews
Crown Shaving Co. After Shave Tonic I can't believe how good this stuff is. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it just keeps getting better.

Top note of anise smells like sambuca and fades into bayrum and sweet pipe tobacco with spices and leather notes. The great smell of barber talc gives a lasting impression and makes this aftershave more like a cross between an aftershave and a cologne. Face feels great after a shave and I want to reapply in afternoon just because of how good it smells. I put it in an atomizer and spray on. Can't seem to get enough. Wife loves it. Cheers!
Fantastic cologne
Crown Shaving Roll On Cologne This is a fantastic cologne
The good stuff
Crown Shaving Roll On Cologne Great scent that my fiancé adores!
Absolutely divine
Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream I am a hairdresser/Barber and I purchased this product because he got very high recommendations from my favorite barbers. My wife loves the smell. It smells sweet and refreshing. It almost sounds like candy. The fragrance is a light sweet spearmint. The lather had a very nice cushion and I think most of the ingredients are natural. The shaving cream leaves my face feeling smooth and pampered long after the shave. Are use a badger brush and a shavings to achieve the lather but I'm sure I can lather it on to my face just the same.

Very very pleasedd with this as it's the best shaving cream ever used.
Crown Shaving Cream
Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream Seriously excellent. I've done an extensive amount of research on which brand to use in the barbershop, and this came out on top every time. Good value, scent, ingredients. Excellent line.
Crown Shaving After Shave Tonic
Crown Shaving Co. After Shave Tonic Very old school scent here. Definitely a nice reminiscence of an old school barbershop. Love it. 10 Stars.
Great Product
Crown Shaving Co. Supreme Glide Pre Shave Formula This pre-shave oil makes my razor just glide over my face. I get a nice close shave with no nicks. Scent is great, not overpowering.
Great products, helpful staff
Crown Shaving Co. Soothing After Shave Lotion Great products, helpful staff
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