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Cyril R Salter

Cyril R. Salter is a great brand from England that has a very complete variety of fragrances. Anyone is sure to find something in this line that will suit them. Their cream whips into a rich lather that is very stable and easy to create. Their fragrances smell fabulous, and they use real essential oils. While they are a relatively young company in relation to fellow experts in England, they seem to really understand what it takes to make exquisite products. They have been providing quality toiletries to gentlemen since the 1950s. These highly luxurious creams are an excellent value due to quality performance at an affordable price. We are proud to carry a few of their accessories as well, including a mirror and one of the most excellent and versatile stands in the shop. This is a line that we have carried at West Coast for a long time and has remained a good product throughout time.

Cyril R Salter Shaving Cream
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Cyril R Salter Reviews
Great products and service.
Pretty good but one star down for lack of "limey-ness"
Cyril R Salter Essential Lime Luxury Shaving Cream I bought my first C. R. Salter product, a Mint version of this shaving cream, about a year ago, since that time I have collected the entire set. There are a lot of things I like about C R Salter's Shave creams:

1. They lather nicely even in moderately water. I use a dash of citric acid power in the hot sink water to soften it and the lather of all the scents is explosive.

2. The lather itself is very lubricating for my shaves.

3. The container is a double shell design with a double lid to keep in the scent and prevent drying and prevent cracking if you drop it. The container is also a nice size for loading a brush.

I placed it down a star because of it's (to me at least) rather subtle lime scent. Shaving soap scent is gone when you it rinse off, so I want to enjoy it when it is on my face. But you may see it differently, YMMV
Good stuff
Cyril R Salter Fresh Mint Luxury Shaving Cream My favorite is Taylor of old bond st. but I wanted to try something different. This cream definitely delivers on the quality, lather, and has a great scent.
Good looking brush/razor stand.
Cyril R Salter Nickel Shaving Stand Simple, elegant design. Well made and looks great.
If you like TOBS...
Cyril R Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving Cream It looks like pink frosting in the tub, but is white once applied. This is a true cream, not a croap, but you don't need much (it's easy to put too much on the brush). Lathers well. Scent isn't like grandma's perfume or anything. It's light, if not masculine, not really feminine either.
Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving Cream
Cyril R Salter Wild Rose Luxury Shaving Cream Great lather and aroma. This product allows the razor to glide through the shave. Long lasting as well. It does not take much to get the desired results
Wild Rose
Very fast and efficient service.
Very fast and efficient service. Thanks!! Your customer service person was extremely help and polite. Thanks again
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