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Some men don't tolerate thinner, astringent aftershaves very well. For such men, there are options and D.R. Harris Arlington Milk Aftershave is among them. This product has a thicker consistency; more akin to a lotion. It goes on very smooth, but that's just the beginning of what it does.

Men with sensitivity issues tend to have problems with rashes and burns due to shaving. This is designed to help such men. It has an antiseptic that keeps those nicks clean, but that doesn't sting like alcohol does. It also puts moisture into your skin rather than drying it out.

If you're using quality shaving products, you're going to learn a lot about skin care in the process. The first thing you'll learn is that no two men have the same needs where taking care of their beard and mustache are concerned. If you have trouble tolerating regular products for tightening the skin and if that cool, refreshing feeling is more agonizing to you than anything, this might be what you need. It certainly soothes the face and it can leave you feeling, and looking, very healthy and resilient rather than red and bumpy!

Size: 100ml

Made in England.