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D.R. Harris Lemon Cream Conditioner is a product that is fortified with natural oil and that also has a wonderfully subtle citrus scent. It comes as a cream, which makes it very easy to apply. The tub contains 325ml of product, which goes a very long way. You'll also find aloe in this product. Aloe does a wonderful job of providing nutrients to hair, helping to repair some kinds of damage and to protect against many others. A little bit of this product goes a long way, so the tub will likely last you quite a long time.

If you're tired of conditioners that are made of harsh chemicals, that don't do what they promise and that actually make your locks look worse, consider switching over to something like this. It's made for people who care about their looks, but who aren't necessarily going for an overly styled appearance, and who just want to look healthy. If your scalp is a bit dry or if you have trouble with oil, you should be able to tolerate this either way. In fact, good conditioners and tonics can give you great shine, good hold, and a great appearance that lasts all day.

Size: 325ml

Made in England.