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D.R. Harris Windsor Shaving Soap in the beech wood bowl is a great product that's made even better by the scent. This is a very complex scent that starts out with a citrusy smell. As the scent evolves, it takes on notes of vetiver, patchouli and black pepper. Those warm, elegant notes are great for men who want to give off an air of elegance and refinement. It certainly makes your shave a lot more enjoyable.

Of course, lather is the main reason that people use these soaps and this one produces plenty of it. It's thick and rich and you won't find it thinning out when you're halfway through your shave, which makes it great for gentlemen who like to take their time. It's also a much better option than the foam that you pick up at regular stores, protecting your skin and providing you with an incredibly revitalizing experience. If you want something even thicker, you can go for a cream, but most men should find the experience of brushing up some of this product and applying to their face to be the beginning of very comfortable grooming.

Size: 100g
Made in England