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Da Vinci Shaving Brushes

Whether you are looking for the perfect shaving brush to nestle in the palm of your hand or you've had your eye on a great travel companion, Da Vinci has you covered! The grade of badger hair is top-notch and their handles are some of the most unique we've seen. As a company, they do their part to take care of the environment and also assure that each brush is quality work and much of the processing of their brushes is done by them and not outsourced. Da Vinci shaving brushes are some of the nicest we've ever seen in our store.

Da Vinci Silvertip
Da Vinci Silvertip
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Da Vinci Shaving Brushes Reviews
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Da Vinci UOMO 290 Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush "This was the perfect gift for a very choosy man, replacing an old (about 10 years used) Art of Shaving badger brush. He is so pleased--not only does he love the feel of the silvertip hairs, but the knot on this brush is very dense giving the brush a sturdy feel and whipping up a satisfying lather. He has found that DaVinci posts videos from their factory in Germany on-line and has now watched exactly how these brushes are handmade. He's a fan, and I am very happy to have made this purchase from West Coast Shaving.
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