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Dovo Straight Razors, Sets, Strops, and Clippers

DOVO Solingen is best know, at least in our circles, for their straight razors, but are also an industry leader in manicure tools and nail clippers, such as our PaRaDa line. They have over a hundred years of producing grooming essentials in their plant in Germany and are experts in making steel sharp. We have a nice selection of straight edge razors and the most requested are from Dovo. Choosing between carbon steel or stainless and which size can be confusing. Our experts are here to help you and can also help you with maintenance items, such as strops and pastes.

Dovo Straight Razors
Dovo Straight Razors
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Dovo Straight Razors, Sets, Strops, and Clippers Reviews
My first straight razor
Dovo Forestal 5/8" Straight Razor with Cocobolo Wood Scales I have been researching straight razor shaving for a few years and decided on this razor to be my first. Getting right to my impressions of this razor: I LOVE IT!!! First of all, I've never gotten as close as a shave as I do when I shave with this razor. It truly looks like a piece of art in my shave den. The guys at West Coast Shaving sent out my razor and I had it within three days of ordering it. I also opted on having them hone the razor for me before shipping it and I won't have to have it re-honed for a few more months because of it. I can't wait to shave each day because I know that I have this razor to look forward to.
Great Shave, Better Looking Razor
Dovo Forestal 5/8" Straight Razor with Cocobolo Wood Scales Huge fan of this razor. Not only does it provide a great shave (following the work of the excellent honemeister), but it truly is a beauty. It found a place among my other straights in the daily rotation. Cannot recommend highly enough!
Dovo Inox Olivewood 5/8" Straight Razor This is the first straight razor I have purchased. The razor came promptly and it was sharpened. For me personally it needed a little bit more to be shave-ready but it definatly was useable. So after a slight stoning on a 8000 grit waterstone and a stripping this thing will cut you just by looking @ it. I highly recommend both the product and the company!!!!
This is a great razor!
Dovo "Special" Tortoise 5/8' Straight Razor Anyone looking for a reasonably priced, good performing straight razor are going to be very pleased with the dovo special. The quality of this razor is outstanding and perfect for beginners. Go ahead and make the switch to straight razors, for your face's sake!
My Tools
Great experience
Dovo Shavette Straight Razor, Black Handle Ordered the Dovo shavette as well as the Parker Barber. Impressed with both. The items arrived on time. I will definitely purchase again and recommend any of these items. Thank you.
Dovo forestal
Dovo Forestal 5/8" Straight Razor with Cocobolo Wood Scales Beautiful razor! The honed edge was superb. Allowing a great shave.
Great blades.
Dovo Shavette Long Blades for Black Holder "I use with my DOVO Shavette and they are awesome. They last the longest I have tried yet. And they feel great, almost no nicks and and no irritated skin.
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