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If you have walked down the aisles of a supermarket looking for hair care products, you've also probably seen a wide range of merchandise that combines shampoo and conditioner into one convenient package. However, if you made the mistake of making that purchase, you likely regretted it later. The reason is those combinations are just lazy and don't work as well as they should. And real men are never lazy.

Dreadnought is a British brand that has designed a wide range of products to meet the needs of the modern man. They pay attention to the needs and desires of their customers, and overwhelmingly, these gentlemen want a conditioner that performs as well as the fancy ones you might find in a barbershop, but for a fraction of the price. The developers delivered like they always do.

This works great as an addition to Dreadnought's concentrated shampoo. After washing, use a healthy amount and work it through your hair, leaving it sit for a few minutes to allow for top quality performance. Then rinse as usual. There are no frills, only great looking, shiny, and soft hair that is sure to attract many interested parties.

Size: 250ml

Made in Great Britain.