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The blokes at Dreadnought care about the environment just as much as they care about providing real men with a wide range of products to make them feel clean and refreshed and earn the affection of attractive onlookers. In that frame of mind, Eco Warrior Deodorant was developed. Roll it on in the morning and you'll feel cool and confident all day long.

There's no need to worry when a member of the fairer sex comes over for a closer look at you. This product has been especially designed to last for the entire length of the day. And she'll love the classic scent, which includes just the right amount to raise awareness and appeal to the senses.

Plus, Eco Warrior is a deodorant that is all natural. The company has long strived to provide quality products without damaging Mother Nature. In that sense, they stay away from ingredients that are harmful to the body, as well. Plus, there's even no animal testing on any of the merchandise produced, just on real men like you. All of that is especially good to know when you strike up that conversation with a young lady after she has noticed how good you smell.

Size: 50ml

Made in Great Britain.