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If you are all about the traditional and old school way of shaving or if you just have a good sense of style, then you know that you really do need to have a high quality shave bowl. One of the best options and one that's a bit different from all of the others on the market is the Edwin Jagger Beech Wood Shaving Soap Bowl with the imitation ebony insert. They are hand-turned beechwood, and they make the ideal option when it comes to storing your soaps for shaving. It looks beautiful, and it will look absolutely stunning no matter where you put it in your bathroom.

Actually, it looks nice enough that keeping it right on the counter as one of the focal points of the bathroom is actually a good idea. Even those men who do not know much about or care much about design should be able to appreciate the look and the quality of this item. Everything from the finish to the imitation ebony insert is truly stunning. Consider the look of your bathroom and decide whether this or a similar bowl is a better option for your style and design.

Size: Internal diameter: 6.5 cm
Internal depth: 3 cm

Made in England.