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The Limes & Pomegranate Edwin Jagger Shaving Soap Refill in the 3-pack could be a great option for you if you have been trying to find a quality, natural soap for shaving. It offers a 99.9% natural and paraben free formula. It feels great on the skin and is ideal for normal and sensitive skin.

Great Quality and Scent

While it's nice that the product is so good for the environment, it's also nice that it happens to be high quality for its intended purpose ' your face! It lathers up nicely, and it is the perfect size to fit into most bowls easily. Of course, you will also love the unique and fresh scent. It has that nice citrusy smell that will help to wake you up in the morning, combined with the sweet smell of pomegranate.

Save Money When You Buy

When you choose the 3-pack, you get all of the benefits of this wonderful choice for shaving, and you get to save some money. If you already know that you love the scent or you want to have some you can bring with you when you are traveling, then this pack is a perfect option.

Size: 3-pack of 65g/2.3oz (6.2cm x 2.5cm)

Made in England.