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Edwin Jagger Super Badger

Lift those whiskers with a Super Badger shaving brush from Edwin Jagger. This product not only does the job, but it has a very high end quality badger hair that does more then just absorb the water making it lather that cream or soap to perfection, but it feels great on the face too! You will notice the difference in the grade of hair once you take this step up from an entry level brush.

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Edwin Jagger Super Badger Reviews
EJ Super Badger Brush
Edwin Jagger Super Badger Shaving Brush, Medium, Imitation Ebony The brush meets and or exceeds my expectations! Great feel, awesome quick lather and feels great . I have had and used regular badger brushes from different brands and this one by far is better. I ”Ike the brand and will definitely invest in a silver tip down the road. but for now a satisfied customer with this brush.
I'm new to wet shaving,
Edwin Jagger Super Badger Shaving Brush, Small, Imitation Ebony "I'm new to wet shaving, so I don't know a whole lot about brushes, but it seems to work perfectly well for me. And looks great
Excellent Brush.
Edwin Jagger English Super Badger Shaving Brush, Large, Imitation IvoryI like the size of this brush, and it is of such good quality that it probably exceeds my requirements - which is nice sometimes :) The price is commensurate with the quality. This brush required a short break-in.
Excellent Brush
Excellent Shaving Brush
Edwin Jagger Super Badger Shaving Brush, Large, Imitation Ebony.I own this Jagger Super Badger along with a Simpson's Duke Best Badger. I love my Simpson's Duke but wanted to experience a super badger brush. I prefer my Duke to this brush, but that is probably an unfair comparison. In my opinion, Simpson brushes are in a class by themselves. That being said, the Jagger Super Badger is a great brush, especially for the price. If you purchase it, I don't think you will be disappointed.
Edwin Jagger Super Badger Shaving Brush, Small, Imitation Ebony.Blade shaving has brought the Barber Shop to me. What a wonderful thing to enjoy!
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