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Edwin Jagger Razors & Brushes

Edwin Jagger is one of our most highly recommended brands. The Edwin Jagger's safety razors are refined, beautiful grooming tools. Their brushes are hugely popular--we have virtually no customer complaints. However, they did not stop with razors and brushes, but have a very complete line of anything you will need from pre-shave, creams, and aftershaves. Established in Sheffield, England in 1988, they have maintained high standards as a family run business. They have grown a lot and are one of the leading men's grooming brands, both in the UK and the USA. Neil Jagger is the owner and founder, and his attention to every detail and high standards ensure these amazing shaving products remain of the highest quality. This is a company that holds fast to tradition, but uniquely combines this with exquisite design. We know you will enjoy bringing this brand into your homes, and you will find that it will bring you years of better shaving.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor
Edwin Jagger Safety Razor
Edwin Jagger Shaving Brushes
Edwin Jagger Shaving Brushes
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Edwin Jagger Razors & Brushes Reviews
Awesome scent
Edwin Jagger 99.9% Natural Shaving Cream 75ml Tube, Sandalwood Awesome woodsy scent, but not the slickest or most prolific cream out there. Still a good performer that I use for travel in the tube.
standard and good price
Edwin Jagger Imitation Ebony Drip Stand, Small great stand. good for brushes
E Jagger brush is a keeper!
Edwin Jagger Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Imitation Tortoise Shell The pure badger Edwin Jagger shaving brush is my first Jagger shave brush. I have others from Vulfix etc, but this one looks nicer and every few thousand shaves, I like to try a new brush! This is well made; lathers quickly and holds the lather perfectly! It rinses easily and dries quickly! Its a keeper in the brush rotation. I also popped for some WCS #1 Gatsby shave soap and splash! Excellent products! I love the quality and scent! Hoorah!
Waited Too Long
Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome I actually enjoy and look forward to shaving Definitely waited too long for this
Edwin Jagger Chatsworth DE Razor - my FAVORITE!!
Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Double Edge Safety Razor, Imitation Ivory This EJ Chatsworth DE razor with the beautiful and graceful imitation ivory handle is perfection for me. The head is just aggressive enough but not overly so for a safe, close and smooth shave. The razor itself is aesthetic marvel as it sits regally on the stand next to an EJ brush with a handle in the matching ivory color. I sustain less nicks and irritation than with any other DE razor I've ever owned.

If I could own only one DE razor, this is the one.

Highly recommended.
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Grip' Handle, Knurled Chrome Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor is well made, wonderful DE shaving tool. West Coast Shaving is first class service.
Love this Razor!
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Grip' Handle, Knurled Chrome Love this razor! Hands down one of the best safety razors out there. I've tried the long handle version of this model which I didn't like as much as I thought I would, but this razor has the right weight, balance and overall best shave I've had yet from any razor.
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Red It is the best razor and for the money that is a good razor
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