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Edwin Jagger Razors & Brushes

Edwin Jagger is one of our most highly recommended brands. The Edwin Jagger's safety razors are refined, beautiful grooming tools. Their brushes are hugely popular--we have virtually no customer complaints. However, they did not stop with razors and brushes, but have a very complete line of anything you will need from pre-shave, creams, and aftershaves. Established in Sheffield, England in 1988, they have maintained high standards as a family run business. They have grown a lot and are one of the leading men's grooming brands, both in the UK and the USA. Neil Jagger is the owner and founder, and his attention to every detail and high standards ensure these amazing shaving products remain of the highest quality. This is a company that holds fast to tradition, but uniquely combines this with exquisite design. We know you will enjoy bringing this brand into your homes, and you will find that it will bring you years of better shaving.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor
Edwin Jagger Safety Razor
Edwin Jagger Shaving Brushes
Edwin Jagger Shaving Brushes
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Edwin Jagger Razors & Brushes Reviews
Great products
A very good razor
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Grip' Handle, Knurled Chrome Like I wrote in my other review, I did my homework to find the best and West Coast Shaving (WCS) appeared to be the one; variety of products, value and service. This double edge razor has it all; ergonomic with a nice weight that provides a smooth and close shave.
Best razor shaver ever used
Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Faux Ivory and Nickel Plated Over the years various razor handles have shaved my face, but this, buy by, has been the best one. The way it sits in your hand, adjustable shaving hight, the way it feels on the skin. Once shaved there is a smile on my face of kiddish satisfaction of ease of shave without cuts and and nicks. Best shave I've had so far.

Thank you,

Damir P.
Edwin Jagger Soap Bowl
Edwin Jagger Ivory Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl w/ Handle Classic style soap bowl. Lathers soap well with handle to prevent bowl from slipping from your hands. Maybe a bit pricey than others…but looks good.
Edwin Jagger DE safety razor
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Grip' Handle, Knurled Chrome Purchasing the safety razor was great decision! It's a very good deal considering the price, and it is sturdy easy to use. A great first razor especially for beginners like myself new to wet shaving. Very happy indeed!
Great value! Easy to use!
Edwin Jaggar Limes etc
Edwin Jagger 99.9% Natural Shaving Cream 100ml, Limes & Pomegranate Great cream for beard. Shave smooth but slightly skimpy amount for price. Would buy again.
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Grip' Handle, Knurled Chrome
Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor, 'Extra Grip' Handle, Knurled Chrome This is my first razor and I really like it. I have medium sized hands and the length is fine. I went with the knurled grip after reading how slippery the standard grip is. Edwin Jagger has a service bulletin out on cheap knock off that break, so I got the razor from West Coast because they are dealer and had a great price. The Feather blades it comes are too aggressive for me. I found Lord blades in a sample pack and they give me a great shave with this razor.
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