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The people behind the FM Brush H.I.S. shaving brush have been making premium brushes for many years.  They used their expertise to craft a one of a kind synthetic fiber. It looks like badger, it feels like badger, it performs like badger, but it's not badger!  The tips are exceptionally soft.  Softer than any badger we've tried (and we've had a few come through the doors here at WCS).  The shafts hold water and heat well and have a nice springiness to them. 

The handle is a nicely turned and polished resin.  It has a quality feel and the weight give it a nice balance.

The fiber on the H.I.S. shaving brush is a  unique formula which is Anti-Microbial to prevent bacteria from forming on the brush.

Total Height: 125mm
Loft: 60mm
Knot Diameter: 26mm
Hair: Synthetic

Made in Thailand.