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Floid has a great traditional barbershop feel and their apothecary-style packaging also makes you truly feel like you are "doing it old school." This Spanish company has been doing things right since the 1930s. Their scents are generally very masculine and clean. The menthol is going to leave your face feeling cool and soothed. Your skin will be fresh and ready for the day, whatever excitement it shall hold for you! We can tell you the ladies tend to like this scent--well, that's this writer's opinion for sure. We also carry their pre-shave, shave gel, and shaving balm.

Floid Aftershave
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Floid Reviews
Floid Special Edition!
Floid Special Edition Vintage Vigoroso After Shave "Great "old school" scent. Gives a fresh from the barber shop feel every time without an overpowering essence.

Wife loves it! Goes on with a solid aroma and mellows as some easy time passes.

The Special Edition bottle is will do you for quite a while!
Great Stuff!
Floid Pre-Shave Oil "It's lighter than a lot of other pre-shaves. That is, it doesn't have the consistency of cooking oil, but it still does a great job. Has a nice clove-like scent too.
I didn't receive my product
Floid AMBER After Shave, 400ml "I didn't receive my product yet!

Floid Vigoroso After Shave Lotion "The scent was a bit stronger than I thought it would be. A little too much menthol for me but still a great product.
makes shaving smoother
Floid Pre-Shave Oil "makes shaving smoother
Fantastic pre-shave oil
Floid Pre-Shave Oil.I initially bought this product by accident, not realizing it was pre-shave oil. However, I am now quite pleased to have done so, because it is top-notch. Using the pre-shave oil has resulted in a significant reduction in the irritation I experience after shaving, and the oil does not leave a residue on my skin or on the shaving brush.
Floid Vigoroso After Shave Lotion.This is a satisfying mentholated fragrance that combines the pick-me-up qualities of menthol with amber woody basenotes that last into the drydown. It's restorative and ideal for being splashed on liberally and frequently. It's not heavy, not sweet, a higher end Aqua Velva with extra woody sophistication.
I don't know how it does it, but it does.
Floid Pre-Shave Oil.Face: Sensitive skin with coarse beard, Rosacea present. Cutting rig: Muhle R41 with Personna Medical Prep, American Safety Razor version. I need this sharp, aggressive setup to lessen the irritation that shaving does induce. For science: Normally, I discard the blade after 2 shaves, but now I'm going to push the envelope and use it a third time with this reviewed product in mind so if it fails, I will suffer. I showered and scrubbed off as much of my natural oil on my face . I apply a seemingly tiny amount of oil which is a bit thick, but not as thick as Art of Shaving oil (a small amount seems to go a long way). I don't know if it softens my beard or not, but It most probably helps retain the moisture and provides additional cutting lubrication to each hair. I begin to shave Juuuust a bit slower than usual (fearfully maybe?). The results are, to me, unmistakable. My face is smooth, less irritated and the towel is devoid of red (except for one tiny, tiny little spot which could be also from my rosacea. But experience for me has shown that the third use of this blade would have left several larger weepers and using my alcohol based aftershave would have confirmed the self inflicted brutality on my face. This seems to work as advertised and helps confirm other satisfied reviewers reports. Now to try it with the a fabled Feather blade loaded. Onward Science.
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