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GEM Razor Blades

Back in the day, there were more than just double edge razors available for us. Besides straights, there were also a few other lesser known like the single blade safety razors. We don't carry them because they aren't made any more, but lucky for those fans of them, the blades still are. We're happy to offer two kinds of GEM blades, both the stainless steel and Blue Star carbon steel. Don't be fooled by those that look alike in the hardware store. They are made for cutting boxes, not shaving. We're sure you can keep those trust vintage single edge razors going for years to come with these.

GEM Single Edge Razor Blades
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GEM Razor Blades Reviews
Can not find these on
GEM Blue Star Super Single Edge Razor Blades, 10-pak Can not find these on the shelf anymore in our area so happy when I found them on line. We use these in castrating calves and they need to be sharp. These seem to work well. They are a lot higher in price than they use to be but it is what it is I guess.
Good for the price and hard to find
GEM Personna Stainless Steel Single Edge Razor Blades, 10-pak Blades work great in my antique gem razor. I will try them in a modern SE razor before I really know, but happy so far.
5 stars
Gem Single Edge Blades by Personna
GEM Personna Stainless Steel Single Edge Razor Blades, 10-pak.These are good, sharp blades, which I highly recommend.
Like these blades
GEM Personna Stainless Steel Single Edge Razor Blades, 10-pak.I am using these blades in a variety of Gem and Ever-Ready razors. They are working great!
first class busines
First time SE shaving; nice blades...
GEM Personna Stainless Steel Single Edge Razor Blades, 10-pak.First time using these blades yesterday, along with an old Ever Ready SE Razor. One of the smoothest shaves that I've had! Granted, my review is based only on this single positive experience. So I can not speak to the longevity of the blade, # of shaves that they last, etc. A nice little bonus that they come packaged in a plastic blade bank too.
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